Entry To Laos From Los With 200cc Bike.

Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by Alamo, Nov 17, 2017.

  1. Alamo

    Alamo Ol'Timer

    Last time I went was 2 years ago
    and 200cc dual-sport worked great.
    Still Allowed?
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  3. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    I think you may have an issue now.
  4. Alamo

    Alamo Ol'Timer

    Any way of determining, short of driving to the border?
  5. ZCM

    ZCM Ol'Timer

    I am going to be following along with this post.
    Alamo, i have had some reports that 150cc is ok..but now a guy in a Facebook group i am part of is saying he entered 4 weeks ago on a 120cc (not sure what bike with that CC).
    Yet, same as David's comments, some have said anything under 250cc would be a problem.
    Conflicting reports..and would be good to get a definitive answer on what the minimum CC is currently allowed.
    Good luck.
    If i find anything out, I will update.
    Please could you post an update if you find out also.
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  6. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    The bike festival on in Laos at the moment may have complicated things a little, with authorities closely monitoring what bikes are going to / fro & whether all the rules are being enforced properly.
  7. Alamo

    Alamo Ol'Timer

    Are the rules available online?
    At some government website maybe.
    I know a
    Thai business-man
    [seems to know everything 5 5]
    maybe will ask him.

    Laos officials are the potential block ?,
    or Thai?
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  8. Dodraugen

    Dodraugen Ol'Timer

    There were a dutch couple who was denied entry at Huay Xay a few months ago - on 125 cc scooter types of bikes.

    As usual laws, the interpreting of them and the enforcing of them are very little consistent in this part of the world. I think you just have to rock up at the border and in case they dont allow you in - have a plan B too.

    The new laws in Thailand that make permits and guides mandatory for foreign vehicles in Thailand (except from a few neighboroing countries) are for example not enforced at every border crossing into Thailand. Some overland travellers have to apply for the permits with very very comprahensive paperwork and pay a huge amount of money for this permits and for mandatory guides - other overland travellers slip through borders that dont enforce this new laws and are free to roam around in Thailand on their own.

    Shows that consistency doesnt exist in this part of the world.
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  9. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    March 2017 no bikes less than 250cc
    Confirmed at Chiang Khong again today.

    Chong Mek may work at a rough guess.
  10. Alamo

    Alamo Ol'Timer

    I'd probably try NongKhai.
    A long way from here.
    Plan B.
    No hab.
    Not really interested in touring Laos,
    except by my bike.
    Portraits of royality?
  11. Oddvar

    Oddvar Ol'Timer

    I don't think the CC is the problem. If it looks like a everyday local scooter, they will deny you.
    I have not heard about anyone being stopped on a Honda Phantom. ;)
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  12. Dodraugen

    Dodraugen Ol'Timer

    A good suggestion for a plan B: If you dont get through at one border - then try another....
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