ER6 2007-2011 spare part in Bangkok or Pattay??

Discussion in 'Kawasaki Big Bikes Thailand' started by Wald0, Apr 25, 2014.

  1. Wald0

    Wald0 Ol'Timer

    So any place where I Can buy spare parts?? and don't say Kawasaki at rama 9 as they has nothing in the stock and it seems even if they would had something, they would not sell me anything as I did not my bike from Thailand! I thought that was a joke but it seems no.. :shock::shock:

    I would need

    -Coil pickup #59026-0018
    -Clutch actuator #13102-0021
    -Clutch pushrod #13116-0018
    -Triple tree ball bearings #92045-1235 (BTW Kawasaki lady at rama 9 said when she could not find them that maybe Thai version does not have them.. :lolno::lolno::lolno::lolno::lolno::lolno::lolno::lolno::lolno::lolno:)

    If somebody would like to point me to the right direction

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  3. TonyBKK

    TonyBKK Ol'Timer

    Hi Wald0!

    2007-2008 is, if I'm not mistaken, first generation ER6 and that bike was never sold in Thailand so Kawasaki, Thailand will not stock or sell parts for that model. My suggestion if you have a 1st generation ER6n would be to order parts from Red Baron or abroad.

    A quick check reveals that some of the parts you're looking for have remained the same across different generations. The coil, for example, part 59026-0018 is the same on all three generations of EX650 (ER6n, Ninja 650, ER6f).

    Haven't checked the other parts, but if you have a second generation 2008-2011 model ER6 then Kawasaki, Thailand should certainly be able to sort you out. They are sometimes weird about selling parts to people who aren't already in their computer, but you can just tell them you bought the bike in Thailand second hand or something along those lines and that will usually work.

    Best of luck and Let the Good Times ROLL!

    Tony :)
  4. Wald0

    Wald0 Ol'Timer

    Yes, problem is that they did not have anything in the stock :( and i have no time waiting as Im heading back to Vietnam next week..

    I was little bit fool to think that they would have some stock!!

    and those are same parts as in Versys too, and up to 2011 they used same parts, but still they had no stock :/
    and if i cant find them on Thailand, I have to use then Ebay :(
  5. TonyBKK

    TonyBKK Ol'Timer

    If it would save you some time and/or money I can order them for you and mail them to Vietnam?
  6. coffee-n-cream

    coffee-n-cream New Member

    Hi guys,sorry for digging up an old thread but I'm heading to Bkk next month and possibly looking for front brake disc for my 2006 Er6n.Any idea whats the price gonna be like? I have asked 320sp and the guy says they have it but I'm still waiting for their reply on price.TIA!
  7. Wald0

    Wald0 Ol'Timer

  8. coffee-n-cream

    coffee-n-cream New Member

    Already pm-ed them few days back and no reply. Maybe I drop by when I'm there next month.Thanks a lot!

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