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  1. Was at the motorshow yesterday with the ambassador and swellsrides from Phuket.
    The ER6F will be on sale before the end of the year for 280,000 baht....its awesome looking bike and Ithink there'll be lots of very happy owners soon.
    Hopefully Ian can post some pics.
  2. Is that the "Ninja" with the full fairing? I've posted some pics already, but more pics won't hurt...
  3. Google and you will find! Here's an article on the new ER6f, which has been updated. Less vibrations an different styling; I kind of like the roundish look of the old model but the new one looks better! Check it out: ... eview.html
  4. OK here are the Pictures of the New ER6f. I was Actually Surprised Just How Good it Looks as I wasn't expecting it to be Better than the ER6n but Trust me in the Flesh it is a Glamour :shock: It has quite a few More Goodies compared to the n including ABS and of Course the Beautiful Front Lights and Fairing. Also a Totally Different Dash Board :wink: It doesn't look to much different from a FZ6 actually except a little More Compact. So for the Extra Cost over the n I think it is Worth the 280.000 Baht and it is Still Quite a bit cheaper than its nearest Rivals 8)

    Available in Traditional Green.


    Or this Blue Colour.


    I think Both Colours are Nice Personally!!! I am Sure we will see Plenty of these on the Road soon, Another Great Priced Bike from Kawasaki!!!

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  5. Yeah- great looking bike! Can't wait!





    Not so hot on the digital dash...

    Personally I prefer analog dials, but oh well...
    There sure is a massive amount of room in that cockpit... Let's see, maybe add a ciggie lighter, MP3 player and speakers, can I play movies on that screen? ;)

    Have you seen the Kawasaki Promotional Video for the 2009 ER6f?

    Let the Good Times Roll!


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  6. The old ER6f had analog speedo and tach which looked great. Not sure why so many manufacturers are going for digital... Oh well. It actually does look pretty good when it's fired up:

    Happy Trails!

  7. What is this? Motor show pix without any girls in them? How did that happen?

  8. 555 :wink:

    Ask and ye shall receive!





    Happy Trails!


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  9. Hi Tony,
    The Girl in the Kawasaki Shirt ( A real little Glamour :D ) is the One Who gave me the Brochure and all the Information on the Kawasaki Big Bikes!!! She Knew more than anyone Else there I talked to and She Spoke Perfect English!!! :wink: Pity More Guys didn't concentrate on Girls Like this instead of Chasing the Jungle Bunnies from the Bars who they Can't even have a Conversation with :shock:
  10. Ahh, much better now, thanks Tony ;)
  11. At first I was a bit surprised at the price of the Ninja 650 (as it is called in the US - this "n" and "f" sounds like factory abbreviations). 55K THB more for the faired model? But the new bike has quite some upgrades and goodies that are worth the money. And after all, if you compare it to other availabe bikes (or soon to be available bikes like the SV650) it is still by far the best price!
  12. Well, if the price of ER6f does turn out to be ~280,xxx Baht then that's is a significant mark up over the 225,000 Baht ER6n.

    BTW the ER6f is NOT the same as the US Ninja 650R as ABS is not available on the Ninja 650R and there are a few other cosmetic differences as well.

    So, is the ER6f worth 55,xxx Baht more than the ER6n? Honestly, no. It's a bit overpriced. But I'm still gonna buy one as 280,000 baht is a screaming good deal for a brand new 650 cc 100% legal, dealer supported bike here in Thailand.

    A competent mechanic (which I am not!) could slap 'f' fairings and ABS on an ER6n for around 30,000 Baht... The conversion is not as simple as you might think though because the 'f' has a completely different instrument cluster than the 'n' and would require major rewiring...

    Happy Trails!

  13. The Suzuki SV650 would be good competition for the Kawasaki ER6n/f, but what makes you think it will ever be available in Thailand? Since Suzuki has no big bike dealerships in the Kingdom the only way to get one will be through an importer and the cost will easily be more than double the cost of the Thai made ER6...
    Did I miss something? Is Suzuki going to start selling big bikes in the Kingdom? That would be a nice surprise :)
  14. Ah- right on!

    Glad to hear Suzuki will finally start selling big bikes in Thailand, but I wonder when and how are they going to do it? Currently the only way to get a Suzuki is through a grey market importer, so no warranty or service.

    Are Suzuki going to open some Big Bike showrooms around the country like Kawasaki and Yamaha have done? Or will they sell the bikes through regular mom 'n pop scooter shops? (Seems unlikely...) Or perhaps they will have some other kind of distribution channel.

    Anyone know?

    Happy Trails!

  15. Tony
    I think Suzuki will be doing it themselves through their dealer network.
    Take a look here
  16. That makes a lot of sense since Suzuki already has a Thailand-wide dealer network for selling their cars. If I'd have to take a guess... ;)
  17. If you compare the faggoty 650 Gladius for 450K THB with the ER6n for exactly half the price I say: double winner KAWASAKI!!!
  18. Well if you compare two good competing machines that are meant to sell at the same price and then you make one of them double price then it's clear who the winner is going to be.

    Suzuki will have to wait 10 (8?) years until the import duties via the FTA are 0. And then they can compete.
  19. ^ LMAO! Faggoty indeed! crazy.gif


    Fugly exhaust, gay colors, stupid name, and CHROME MIRRORS?!?! Asking 450,000 Baht?! What are they thinking?! loco.gif
  20. nikster, you have to ask WHY the ER6n is only half price - that's the point where Kawasaki wins. Plus the (arguably) better looks make Kawa the double winner. - In the US, where the bikes are almost the same price, I'd go for the SV since I've read only good things about the engine, but now and here there's no question that Kawasaki outsmarted the rest of them!
  21. Well, if we were in our home countries I suspect a lot of us would ride something else.
    Prior to coming to Thailand I was a pretty loyal Honda guy. CBRs and VFRs were my thing.
    If the red shirts take over and Toxin comes back I'm going back to the US where I'll reward myself with a Honda VFR800 Interceptor.
    The VFR has always been one of my very favorite bikes, but WAY too overpriced here in Thailand. And if something goes wrong with that VTEC engine where in the world would you get it fixed in Thailand?
    The Thai built Kawasakis are the best deals going in Thailand right now. Sure there are better bikes, but the markup on imports is hard to swallow.
    Happy Trails!
  22. The ER6f is coming! :D

    Kawasaki is now accepting deposits on the ER6f!


    ER6f Green Unit Price 261,682.24
    Tax 7% 18,317.76

    Registration 925.00
    3rd Party Insurance 645.00

    (Unit Price subject to change- see below)

    I'm number one on the list in Bangkok for a green ER6f, final price still not set in stone, but guaranteed not to exceed 280k. Implied that final price will come down some but the sales staff can't make any promises as the final price has not yet been determined by management.

    Delivery date not set- could be as late as October but said they'd try their best to get me one earlier. Implied that perhaps late August delivery might be possible.

    Let the Good Times Roll!

  23. What's the difference to the ER-6n, apart from the looks? I guess the ER-6F has ABS, anything else? Is the F version lower on the road?

    I want it but where I live we have very large pot holes & the last 500m to my house is a dirt road which can get muddy.

    60K is quite a difference in price.

    Tony, are you going to add this one to your Kawa collection or are you actually going to go and sell one of your previous bikes? Just curious...

    The VFR looks hot... Unfortunately Honda is too successful doing what they do in the LOS, they'll be the last to change.
  24. Here she is- the 2010 Kawasaki Ninja 650R ABS!

    Confirmed price- 257,000 Thai Baht!

    Khun Chan wasn't working today and the other guys didn't seem to know much of anything about the bike but they said they will start delivering them this month!

    The showroom model is wearing Bridgestone Battlax BT021's-

    The sales guys couldn't tell me definitively if the new Ninja 650R's will be wearing Bridgestones... I'm not a big fan of the Dunlop Roadsmarts that came with the ER6n so I'm hoping for the Battlax's on the new Ninja.


    The Ninja 650R that's been sold in North America has never had ABS, but perhaps for 2010 ABS will be an option worldwide.

    Cockpit looks unchanged from the '09-

    Everyone has noticed the painted lower fairing-

    I noticed that the 2010 Ninja 650R has an idle adjust screw. Don't have that on my 09 ER6n...

    The powdercoated grab bars and matching tail piece are new for the 2010 Ninja 650R-

    The Kwackerzaki guys seem to think I'll be able to get my bike in a couple of weeks!
    2010Ninja650R6. :D

    Let the Good Times Roll!!!


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