ER6 or D-Tracker for Nth Thailand touring...

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  1. I have never ridden a bike with a 'sports' riding position... having only ridden various dirt bikes and my KLR650...

    Unfortunately big dual sports aren't available to hire, so it would seem the choice is pretty much between D-Tracker and ER6N...

    I am concerned that I would struggle to keep up with everyone on a D-Tracker... or might start to ride beyond my limits... but also worry about comfort on the ER6...

    Any experience and advice???

  2. Hired a ER6N from POP for 1 day last month, did Doi Suthep and the Sameong Loop. The ER6N is not a sports bike in any sense of the word. It is a sit up and beg riding position, not laid back cruiser style, but almost dirt bike sit up. Only did 100 odd Kilometers on it, but very comfy 2 up and plenty of power. Nice brakes as well. Can't comment on it's capabilities off road, did do a couple of U turns that took me into the gravel on the side of the road. Best advice is go sit on any of the 600 cc naked bikes at your closest dealer, or even the 1200 or 1300 nakeds, going to be a very similar sitting position, just not as wide. The ER6N is pretty narrow, about the same as my Ducati. Jealous, wish I was going back soon. Have fun.
  3. Daewoo,

    Agree with Deano 747. The ERN6 is a sit up naked bike. TonyBKK has done the North on the ERN6 and ERF6 Ninja which is more of a sports bike. He loved it.
    Another comment is it seems very well suited to the mountains, most big bikes can't keep up with it.
    TonyBKK said it only became squirmy or unconfortable after long hauls.
  4. On my recent trip I had a Dtracker for a week and the ER6N for the rest of the trip. Both were good and easy to ride. I am like you in that I have the Baja and Transalp so no sports bike experience as such so looked to replicate that on my trip.

    Dtracker had no real trouble keeping up with others to some extent, I honestly wasn't too far behind Liam and Brendon on the trip North and had it been on rougher roads or hilly stuff them I may have been even closer. It is however a slower bike of course. Harder on the butt having a smaller seat and less fuel capacity.

    ER6N was comfortable and fun on all road conditions but less easy to handle on rough roads and of course dirt. Watching Brendon riding up the MHS - Pai road, I would place a bet against any other bike to perform as well on the bends and hills. I took it onto mud roads and struggled but in fairness this may also be down to my inexperience, others could have perhaps done better.

    Depending on how long you are there, why not strike a deal to have a couple of weeks hire but e able to change between the two and pay appropriately for the hire. That's what I did and it worked out pretty well.

    Enjoy the trip and report back, I look forward to hearing about it

  5. Mr Mechanic now has a ER6N & I don't doubt Gung would do a deal letting you swap over bikes - KLX - D-Tracker-ER6N.
  6. I think it really depends on what kind of roads you'll be touring on. If it's mostly the bigger, main roads then I'd go with the ER6N. But if you'll be hitting the narrow backroads & want the option of exploring all the great dirt rides, then I'd say the D-Tracker is the better choice. But bring along an extra cushion if you get a D-Tracker. I recently did a 2 day ride, 7+ hours each day, on my D-Tracker & my ass was screaming.
  7. Thanks David, Thanks cm das,

    I have a bike semi organised through Mr Beer because I still have my fingers crossed that someone will want to head into Laos, and Mr Beers seems set up to be able to accommodate that...

    I think I'll do as other suggested and talk to him about swapping between the two as I get some rides planned...

    I think I will need the 600 just to keep up with you guys on the MHS Loop... remember I am used to riding in a country where doing more than 45km/h over the limit is a 50,000 Baht fine and instant 6 month license suspension...

  8. :) Yes indeed that brings a smile to my face & a little chuckle.

    Whilst en route to Laos last trip I got an SMS from the Snail caught for exceeding the limit on the Nullabor heading to MotoGP in Oz; only 30 minutes earlier on the 4-lane super south of Uttaradit I had gone past a highway police car 25 kms over the limit & got a thumbs up from the driver!

    1 1/2 hrs later on the run down into Loei I crested a hill & noted 3 pick-ups coming straight at me up a steep hill. :shock:
    The outside pick-up over taking a pick-up overtaking a pick-up was in the wrong gear & not doing so well. The boys had the road blocked.
    I was forced to take the shoulder of the road to let them go by unhindered. :)
    And the biggest offender was the 3rd pick-up in the wrong gear - a police pick-up.
    Oh well I could only laugh. :lol:
    This is a great country to ride in & enjoy life. :D :D
  9. Except you guys don't have anywhere near the distances to cover... I have a wedding on Christmas Eve which is 180Miles away... I have another one in Feb which is 1,100miles drive... and you have to be very careful about not speeding the whole way... I regularly drive single days of 600miles...

    To put it mildly, it bites...

  10. Daewoo.. I have an er6n ( only bought it about 3 weeks ago ) and love it. If you are going to ride only tar , I would recommend the er over the dtracker, especially if you are worried about keeping up on straights. If you can't keep up on the er , then everyone else is riding way too quick !!!!!! Its quite a punchy little sucker and handles really nice although I find the suspension a bit too firm. Some extra seat padding is also handy on long days.
    If you are going into Laos I think the Dtracker , as the more supple suspension will be easier on the lumpier roads and washouts. See you soon .
  11. Cheers Noel...

    Arrive in Phuket on Friday Night... so I hope to meet you and Tina soon...


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