er6n wanted please.

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  1. greetings everyone, ive just registered and have been enjoying the reports and invaluable information concerning biking in los, essential reading for winter visitors like myself.
    so at present im looking for a ER650n so that i can put some more clicks under my belt. the renters in pattaya are mostly ropey/illegal and i dont fancy a walk home from pai due to a document discrepancy. i have the cash to buy the right bike and can register it in CM or pattaya but no old renters please.
    i have enquired at kawasaki pattaya and bkk about a new machine but they didnt seem too interested in selling me 1.they didnt know the prices of the 2nd hand 1's either and didnt know how to find the sales manager to find out! cheers RD
  2. well,no luck so far. i geuss im gonna have to buy a new 1? sods law will dictate that 3 will turn up mins after buying 1 but if you are on the point of selling or part ex ing for a verseys drop me a line, as im up for doing mae hon son in jan. cheers RD
  3. came across this add , doesnt show location and asking price though :

    2009 Kawasaki ER-6N for sale
    Kawasaki ER6-N year 2009 Black 8800 kms. comes with Two Brothers Carbon Slip on Exhaust, Tidy tail and 1 month tyre. Please call me at 080-624-0285 Vasin.
  4. thanks for the info, i will give him a call.
    -update. its in phuket and the thai guy says its his friends bike. now im a bit green to buying bikes but im thinking the paperwork is going to be a problem? anyway, cheers for the heads up and im back on the search.
  5. ok, got 1 now. off to do the loop next,cheeers and happy new year chaps.

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