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  1. 2009, nearly 9 k on the clock.
    Slight spill once, very slowly.

    Twin headlights, (Customized) Matt black finish done via Kawasakai, Akropovic slip on. Rizoma bars and Tail tidy.

    cant do the pics here, as I am too dumb. Will ask a friend to do them for me soon.

    170 K (cash) All ligit in my name. Bike in Chiang Mai.

    (PS house furniture also available, going cheap also....)

    Stu. 0853393611 based near chiang mai gate., have to leave the country soon and would like a quick one,
    All the original spares included...
  2. i know for a fact that what was u Pikey.
    Gets a grip.
    And down even think about gobbing back or i will come round your toilet shop and beat the livining **** out out you. you got that? prick????

    You know where to find me any time you like..
  3. Did i miss something!!!!
  4. no sorry mate, just little touchy, sell still stands ...

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