Erawan Rocket Festival weekend 16/17 June 2012

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    Erawan is on the 210 between Nong Bua Lam Phu and Wang Saphung an uninspiring highway where you need to show respect to the many sugar cane haulage trucks.

    This is one big Rocket Festival actually runs for 3 days and this year was over the 16/17 June weekend. The procession was on the first day and was lined up for many kilometers through the main road of Erawan. Isaan stage music, crowds lining the streets with the rocket festival the next 2 days on a nearby rice farm. I was riding over to Loei from Udon, stopped and had a ball. Kon Thais can be most hospitable and very few farang were present.

    Next day there was the rocket festival with everything from the largest rocket that i have seen, great Isaan live music, markets, rice farmers drinking whatever in the hot sun, the inevitable fighting, makeshift lockup, snake exhibitions, pretty girls everywhere.
    Another great Isaan day.

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