ESRI map update - TSM (Thai Street Map) v.11

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    ESRI announced a new map version 11 to be released on Thursday (11/11/2010 at 11:00 - no kidding).
    We should have some more information on that day.
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  3. johngooding

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    Has this map arrived yet and if so what is the price please?
  4. mauris

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    TSM v.11 - Thai Street Map version 11, changes/improvements list

    * Update road data at every level - total of 700,000 km.
    * Update 550,000 point-of-interest (POIs)
    * Update 850 Junction Views, add 37 Complex Junction Views (for compatible devices only)
    * Support text-to-speech (TTS) (for compatible devices only)
    * Add 3-D buildings (108 buildings) and terrain view (for compatible devices only)
    * Update 130,000 telephone numbers (navigable)
    * Support automatic map switching Thai/English (Dual Map) (for compatible devices only)
    * Update more than 4,000 building entry points (Multi-Entry gate)
    * Update more than 1,600 CDG Guide data for the food category
    * Support traffic report* (for compatible devices only)
    * Update Lane Info for Bangkok and its perimeters and major cities in Thailand
    * Improve searching capability for POIs

    Note : the numbers shown above are estimation only.

    TSM v.11.0 needs about 161 MB. of storage memory for Thai language map and 151 MB for English language map

    Source: Garmin Thailand (ESRI)

    Right now ESRI has us "on hold" with the map update for NON-Thai OS devices. The update is exclusively sold for the units with Thai OS at the moment.
    In case of purchasing the TSM v.11 for the GPS with Eng. OS, they recommend to send the unit directly to them for testing the map compatibility.

    TSM v.11 - 2.000 THB, update for the unit with Thai OS - 650 THB, update for the the unit with ENG OS - 1.100 THB.
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    Is it shaded 3D elevation do you know - I here there a 3d elevation map out but have not been able to figure out which one it is

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