ETS 110 - (Honda Wave) Viet Registered Siem Reap Cambodia -$270

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  1. willpower

    willpower New Member

    It's the sad time to sell Eric our ETS110 - a Korean copy of the Honda wave. We bought it in Saigon two months ago, having crossed the border at Bavet and ridden up through Phnom Penh. We just arrived in Siem Reap and we want to sell him before heading off to Thailand.

    We just got a new front basket, set of front brake shoes and oil change before we left. He has all the papers so you can ride him back across the Viet border, no problems.

    The start on the button is intermittent but he always starts first kick if the button doesn't. Looking for $270. Mail me on [email protected] . I check my mail pretty regularly.

    Will & Sunny
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  3. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    How was your trip -any chance of some tips & a brief report to help others.
  4. willpower

    willpower New Member

    Hi David, Yes, I'll post a quick report later when we get a chance to upload some photo's. It seems like traveling either way over the Viet-Cambodia border on a viet registered bike is a piece of cake. Despite what the touts on the viet side might tell you (they're usually trying to sell you a bus ride or a hire car). In the end we simply got our visa stamps and pushed the bike across the border, nobody seemed to care. We've provisionally sold the bike. The new buyer should be picking it up today.Thank-you all, Will

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