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  1. I'm surprised there is no mention of the HU meet 19/1/07 in Chiang Mai. Nothing in the forum section, either.
  2. Included this a few weeks ago.
  3. The 2008 Bira Circuit Track Days are now up on the events calendar ... events.htm

    These track days are generally the 2nd last Mon-Tues-Wed of the month.
    Although the exceptions are
    Feb: 4 days 2nd week over Chinese New Year.
    Sept: None, its wet season.
    Nov: 2 sessions (it's riding season).
    Dec: 2 sessions (it's riding season).

    All track days are run by Highside Tours.
  4. Event added
    Give & Live North Thailand Charity Ride
    19 January 2009 ... nd2009.htm
    Life is short. Make it wide. While you're riding in paradise, you'll be giving to children in need. The 9- or 12-day tour includes the best northern Thailand has offer, with a stop at one of the orphanages to meet kids you'll be helping.
    Limited to 10 bikes.
  5. Nice idea, we have these kind of trips in the Netherlands as well. We might join you...

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