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  1. Pascal Laigle

    Pascal Laigle Ol'Timer

    Hi Guys

    Does somebody know when the 2 events be:
    Spin Wheels in Krabi?
    Hat Yai Bike Week?

    Thanks in advance
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  3. ScubaBuddha

    ScubaBuddha Member

  4. Pascal Laigle

    Pascal Laigle Ol'Timer

    So looks like nobody knows the dates of these 2 events,
  5. stubzi

    stubzi Ol'Timer


    Hat Yai Bike week is 30-31st July, not sure about the Krabi one though.
  6. Pascal Laigle

    Pascal Laigle Ol'Timer

    Thanks david for the date, how come you are at the other one of the world and you know the date hahaha.
  7. stubzi

    stubzi Ol'Timer

    Have to do something when I'm at work!
  8. Big_Dave

    Big_Dave Ol'Timer

    I can certainly highly recommend the Betong, Songkhla and Sadao border bike weeks. Songkhla is superb because of the location....right on the Samila beach road. Phuket for mine is quite poor despite its reputation. Either way, the Thais know how to put on a great party.

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