excellent honda AX 250 cc all road bike

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  1. Excellent motorbike, much better than a standard 250 cc offroad bike. Has disc brakes front and back, electric start, 4 stroke (very economical, 30 k per litre), water cooled. This bike is completely rebuild and looks and drives like a new one. Has all legal papers and of course license plate. Price = THB 75.000

    Call hans on 081-8819839 or mail to:
    [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
  2. a picture would be nice


    thank you
  3. I had an old AX1 and was very happy with it even though it was quite worn out; paid only 35K for it WITH papers. The speedo (original?)showed 65K but the engine didn't burn a drop of oil. I'd take it over an XR250 (even thouigh the XR is a great bike) but the AX1 is better suited for freeway trips with the small fairing. Of course the aluminum rims, watercooling and suspension make it less capable in the dirt, but if you look for an economical little freeway runner you can also use a bit on dirt roads, this would be the bike. Top speed was around 130, a newer bike may be faster. Peter of Siam Super Bike told me when I called him about one that these bikes sell very quick!
  4. The bike is still for sale, I just paid new insurance and tax for 1 year. If somebody really wants it i can let it go for THB 70.000, last price. Transfer costs for the buyer.
  5. Bike is sold now.

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