Excessive wind noise/buffeting on the CB500X?

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  1. There's a discussion going on on the CB500 site about excessive wind noise and buffeting on the CB500X and I read that lots of adventure-style bike riders have these complaints, more than riders of any other kind of bike.
    Does any of the CB500X owners here have a comment?
    Are you happy with the wind shield on your X or do you experience major problems?
  2. After several bikes with various size windscreens, my last 2 bikes are both naked, no screen at all. On these bikes at speeds below 160kph there is no buffeting, just even wind over the whole body. Can be bad in heavy rain, but apart from that, for this hot climate it is preferable. I will not be fitting windscreens to my bikes.
  3. Likewise, I once removed the screen from my Versys and liked it so much I've never put it back on.
    Anyway, I doubt the CB500 goes fast enough for wind to even be an issue... ;)
  4. Interesting, I wonder if this is a trend, riders preferring bikes without windshields.

    I actually installed a small "Ducati-style" shield about the size of an A4 sheet of paper on my little VTR250.

    At 120km/h+ the buffeting started to bother me after riding for half an hour.

    It was fine with the shield but I noticed at slower speeds that the air was bundled and pushed in my face.

    On the thread I am referring to the CB500X rider complains about excessive buffeting at speeds above 70km/h.

    I wonder if there are many riders having an issue with fairings/wind shields, especially on ADV style bikes.

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