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  1. Im looking for a new exhaust for my D-tracker. At the moment i got the original on and i want to find a new one that gives me some noise when i drive.
    Al that i can find is a D-tracker muffer at Red baron but i think its a bit over the top in price (29000)
    Do anyone know where i can find one for a good price??
  2. Hi Friend,

    Did you try the back store of second hand parts of RED BARON, I think you can get much cheaper parts, than these 29000 which seems exceptionally high for such muffler.

    Otherwhise, be creative and ask a taylor made one in some typical Thai workshops.

    Courage !
  3. Take the old one off and measure the pipe or the inside of the silencer/muffler. Then pop down to your local Thai bike shop. As the Tracker is 250 the pipe can't be that big and you might find that an aftermarket Thai muffler/silencer will fit. The whole exhaust will be about 1500 Baht

    In cases where members are looking for stuff it would help if we knew where you are. No point in recommending BKK shops if you are in Krabi!!
  4. Have a look for a klx 250/300 one, they are more common and be will be less money,
  5. Thanks guys. I will try the local Thai bikeshop if they can hook me up with something noisy. I stay in Koh chang Trat so if anybody are going to Cambodia for some driving you can contact me if you want some guiding or wathever. [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
    Take care.
  6. I fitted my D-Tracker with a new Leo Vince full system and had it done by Siamsuperbike for 15000 Baht when they were still in business.
    Peter mounted it for me and I guess he got it from Teera motorcycles in Bangkok who claims to be a Leo Vince dealer.
    The sound was great but it was really hot burning the rear plastic first (and my leg occasionally). Still a good and recommendable buy!
  7. I have a Big Gun on my KLX 250.

    Keep in mind the KLX/D-Tracker has very little down low torque compared to an XR250. if you change the pipe to an aftermarket one you will give up some of your precious low end. The KLX 300 pipe will bolt right on and is assembled here in Thailand so it could be sourced locally. It is about 1/8" increase on inside diameter over stock.

    You can purchase the Leo Vance systems but they are pricey and as Holgerroth directs the exhaust gases onto your rear fender, the muffler when bolted up also sticks out like a kanker sore on a hooker. Not aesthetically pleasing.

    I second Mikes comments on getting it fabbed up locally using the stock piece as a template. Cost should be minimal.

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