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  1. So I came back home after 1 month Europe and realized that my Versys is now about 1 year young and thought "Well I might need new insurance & tax" so I checked the paperwork and indeed both my First Class & Comprehensive insurance are expired about 1 week ago.

    I bought the bike & insurance at the Kawa dealer in Pattaya but now I am living in Khon Kaen. The First Class insurance is from Falcon, and as far as I know they do not have any offices except in Bangkok.

    So where in Khon Kaen I can get asap First Class insurance?
    And where in Khon Kaen is the Department of Land Transport to get the comprehensive insurance & tax sticker?

    Shit that means no trips this week!

    Chang Noi
  2. The DLT office is on Thanon Kasikorn Thung Sang, it's in the area of the Amphur and all the other big government offices. You just need your green book to get the compulsory insurance first and then the tax. Usually takes just few minutes. No idea about First class Insurance. I do not consider it to be value for money, especially for a Kawasaki, where parts are so cheap.
  3. Thanks John, will need that for some of the other bikes ...
    For now I was reminded that the Kawa-dealer also sells Falcon insurances for their bikes so I went there. Compulsory insurance was very easy as they are a agent of RVP, so that was done in 5min for 645baht. The tax-sticker was done by one of the staff for a service fee of 100baht, so I could have lunch while he went to the DLT.

    Then the First Class insurance was a bit more difficult as it was already expired and because of that they needed photos of the bike (to be sure it was not stolen already?). So could I ride my bike to the shop? No, without tax-sticker and any insurance I am not going to ride the bike. So they did all the paperwork and after that I brought my bike for some beautiful pictures.

    In the meanwhile I saw that the Kawa-dealer has extended in stock and they do have about 8 KLX/D-trackers and some Ninja's for direct sale. And they have some helmets and jackets. So I bought a simple "city" jack and made a small ride around KK.

    Chang Noi
  4. "Quote Originally Posted by johngooding View Post
    The DLT office is on Thanon Kasikorn Thung Sang, it's in the area of the Amphur and all the other big government offices. You just need your green book to get the compulsory insurance first and then the tax. Usually takes just few minutes. No idea about First class Insurance. I do not consider it to be value for money, especially for a Kawasaki, where parts are so cheap."

    Perhaps you could clarify something for me (and others):
    If you just take out the DLT insurance, do you get coverage for third party property and personal injury?
    If so, what is the extent of the coverage?
    I take out what I call comprehensive insurance through a broker, just so I avoid any claims from others (whether I am in the right or the wrong TIT.
    Also, does the DLT insurance provide any coverage for a pillion?

    I agree with you on parts being cheap....for bikes that is.
  5. The compulsary insurance will cover you for your own hospital cost up to 15,000 baht and has some cover for third party costs. I do not know how much. However, the actual amount paid seems to almost always be settled by police intervention and negotiation. They will decide who is responsible and act between the parties and ensure payment is made. Many times the insurance company does not get involved unless very serious accident. However if a car driver involved and he has first class insurance,(likely for newer cars as most bought on credit, and lender insists on insurance), then he will claim for repair to his car, or may again bargain for a cash sum from you, if you damage his car.
    I am sure the info on benefits from the compulsary insurance is available from the small offices that sell this, or from your local Kawasaki shop etc.
    I do not know about pillions.
    Incidentally the insurances here (certainly at least for the compulsary) are usually tied to the vehicle not to the rider or driver, so is probably valid for other than the policy holder.
  6. 15000 from the insurance company which has the bike you were on.
    Another 35000 if the other party was deemed the cause of the accident, by Police investigation.
    If those 35000 are paid by the other bikes insurance company or the one on which bike you were riding, I'm not sure yet. I should find out in about a months time.
  7. Hi,

    You can get it renewed at any insurance company. However, they will insist on vehicle verification (photographs will be taken) as the policy has lapsed.
    They will tell you how much is motorcycle insurance to be paid taking vehicle IDV (Insurer Declared Value) as base for calculation, w.r.t. market rates.
    On the down side, you may find that the premium quoted is higher than last year's premium, since the no-claim bonus expires after 90 days.
    If you are still within 90 days, you can avail it even if you are changing the insurer.
    Hope I was clear.
  8. Interesting post guys..

    I had the same issue with my Ninja when the first years insurance renewal was due.. I didn't even realised it had expired.. (silly me I know)
    I thought..hmmm been a little over a year and had someone read the tax disc.. Yep expired. Asked Kawa Rama 9 why the insurance company didn't send me a reminder to renew as surely they want my business? Answer was... That company no longer cover this type of insurance..
    I know TIT.. But couldn't help but make the suggestion that Kawasaki may have wanted to follow up with all their customers to ensure everyone was insured as the insurance was purchased with the new bike through Kawa.. a blank look and a nod..
    Anyway.. They renewed the insurance there and then and photo's etc.. This time it is with Falcon..

    Should I expect a reminder and forms in the post for renewal or do I have to go to Kawa.. I was told by friends that the insurance from Kawa is subsidised when you buy a new bike so better to keep renewing it through Kawa ? Any truth to that?

    Last question.. After March the 3rd.. The bike will be going past 2 years old.. Now I am debating if I take the fully comprehensive insurance or downgrade to fire and theft, 3rd party cover.. The only thing would be if it is stolen.. Just wondering what would be the percentage paid out on a bike going in to the 3rd year of ownership? 50% 70%? Anything lower than 50% certainly isn't worth renewing fully compreshensive..

    Cheers and thanks for any advice in advance.

  9. I think the insurers got bitten the first year they were covering the Kawasaki's, probably at that time just the 250's and maybe the ER6N, many claims and a good proportion of those from bikes used by hire companies, even though the insurance should not really cover hire, but TIT, the hirers still claimed and it seems their claims were met. Not sure if Kawasaki subsidised or just worked with an insurer for a reasonable rate. Get a quote via Falcon at Kawasaki and compare it with others to find out. For a 650 it was as little as 7,000 Baht originally. First Class, but only covered about 75% of value of bike. What is covered is always stated on the insurance certificate. Since that time, too many claims and rates have about doubled, leading quite a few owners who use their bikes in a way that they do not worry about theft, do not take 1st Class insurance as the bikes are cheap to repair for cosmetic damage, or even indicators, levers etc.
    If you want to know how much is paid in the 3rd year, ask your insurer, they will know, also probably an excess charge, that you have to pay, say first 5000 or so of any claim.
  10. Isn't there a way to sign up for more than 1 year? I do automatic payments mostly for these kind of things... I would imagine something like this can be fixed over the phone if you just transfer the upcoming quarter.
  11. One would think so, but to date I've yet to find an insurance company in Thailand that offers automatic renewal for any kind of insurance, be it Life, Health or Auto... TiT I guess...
  12. Not totally on topic.. but it is related.

    I called up Falcon the other day.. As it just didn't make sense to have to go to Kawa Rama 9 to renew my insurance and it is a pain in the ar5e.

    Explained I wanted the forms sent in the post etc.. I will call you back at 5pm.. 6pm still nothing.. Given up and planning to go to Rama9.

    Today I get a call from one of the Falcon agent.. He also said to go to Rama 9.. I persisted and said.. Why? Can't you send me the forms and I complete them?

    Oh yes.. if you want to.. Then I had second thoughts as the forms will all be in Thai.. No I will send you the forms in Engrish..

    Very helpful guy with good Engrish.. lets see..

    Basically he said fully comp on my Ninja 650 is 10K + and the value is 140,000
    hmmmm, how much for 3rd party.

    He is going to check if they can do 3rd party with theft.. and how much..

    Will let you all know how this works out.


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