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  1. Im currently in Udomxai Laos, and i need to extend my 15 day bike paper work. Can anyone please tell me if they have done this? Where i should go? What i should expect?
  2. you can extend at the VTE bridge if you are in possession of a green paper but it is not certain.

    What is your exit point and how many days over will you be?
  3. I want to exit into cambodia.
    Im now in Luang Probang. The immigration office here explained to me that i can do it in Vientine and Paxie. Ive been here for 15 days, but i would like to spend another month here (I have a 60 day visa).
    So if i was to carry on past my 15 days - will they just fine me 4-5 per day??
    Which is starting to add up!!

    Im going to be in Vientine in a couple of days and ill give it a go there. Im hoping it all goes well.
  4. just to let everyone one know.

    I managed to extend my bikes paperwork for additional 30 days in Vientiane at the friendship bridge.
    Even through i was a few days over the original 15 days, no one cared.
    I had to pay 200bt per week which is more than in HuayXai, where i only had to pay 200bt for 15 days...
  5. In Dec 2006 I extended my paperwork at the Customs headquarters in Vientiene .

    I asked for 2 weeks and got it, no charge, took ~5mins.

    The initial permit was 7 days issued at Thakhek for a few hundred Baht. (Cambo registered bike)

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