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  1. Hi Guys, I'm currently in Ko Samui and my temporary import permit is about to run out. I was (reluctantly) going to ride back to Malaysia so i can get another one but I read in another post on GTR that it's possible to extend them up to 6 months. Can anyone confirm for me if this is still possible and if so how i'd go about doing it. I gathered from the post i read that i need to go to Thai customs but wondering if anyone knows where i might find a Thai customs office without going back to the border. Thanks in advance if anyone can help.

  2. Jamie
    Yeah the fine is a maximum of 2,000 baht for up to 6 months overstay. Many guys overstay & then go out after 5 months, pay the 2,000 baht fine & come back in again.

    BTW how's your trip been so far:
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    Can you please share some info & tips?

  3. Thanks David, will write a report on my importing experience soon just using my iPhone for Internet at the moment so bit hard to write much.
    Apart from that I haven't really done any real riding yet just visiting friends on koh samui.

    I plan on going to Penang to get my tourist visa in a few days by bus just wondering if I can leave the country to do that without my bike ?
  4. Does other local customs offices not provide an extension service ??

    Here on phuket you can legally extend your temp import, in 2 month chunks at a time, for up to 6 months.
  5. I went to the customs house here on koh samui today and they gave me a one month extension. They wouldn't give me 2 months but said just come back in a month if you need to extend it again :)

    Off to Penang in the morning to get my tourist visa I rode past there on my way to Thailand but unfortunately didn't know about the new 15 day visas at border crossings!!!
  6. What visa class and expiry did you have and was that part of the reason they only gave the month ??

    I hadnt considered it before but all the guys I know who do this long term are all on non imm visa classes and I seem to recall something about shorter periods being given to someone on short term stamps.

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