Extra torque/hp from the Er6.

Discussion in 'Kawasaki Big Bikes Thailand' started by dirthonk, Jul 14, 2010.

  1. Im looking at a Er6 for a thrash around bike. But in my opinion it needs a bit of a kick up the arse to get it to move properly.
    In peoples experiences what modifications give the best results in terms of torque and hp improvement???
    Also how about the best way to shed it of some of its factory enforced puppy fat? i wanna take about 20kgs of that fat slag if possible? anyone reckon thats possible??

  2. There was an Austrian fella on ADV who was trying to shoe-horn an ER6 engine into
    an old KTM640 LC4 frame.
    I believe he was getting advice from our very own B&T/ftb who hopefully kept a link to his thread??
    Otherwise have you spoken to Mr Balls yet?
  3. Hi Rhodie :wave:

    Seems that TonyBKK got good gains from changing his zaust... Saw the youtube where he cracks 200km/h, where I couldn't get mine over 183... reckon there is probably some weight saving in that mod as well... but 20kg is going to be hard to find... you could probably save 5kg by removing half your old fella... you never use the last 6 inches anyway :D ...

  4. Talk to Tim, His ER6 is probably the Most Trick around at the Moment? Lost Weight and the Power is Helped by the Exhaust and Power Commander. He is always Happy to Show You around any of His Bikes and Talk Performance? After Happy Feet demonstrating Wet Road Riding on a ER6 with Bald tyres the other Day I believe 90 Percent of Performance is Rider so I Doubt You really need to Worry that Much? So Just do the Normal Mods and You will be well on the way Mate :happy5:
  5. Thankyou Khun Ian,

    I will try and get a look at Tims bike then, agree 90% of the performance is the rider, however modding bikes is good fun and getting the absoltue maximum you can out of it is part of the challenge! you've done a few mods to that klx of yours havent you?? :lol-sign: + with spare parts readily available if it all goes up in smoke you can easily put it all back to stock.

    Hope you can make to MHS next weekend anyway!

  6. They are racing Er6's in the Northern Ireland road race series and I believe Ryan Farquar races one as well as his zx10. Those boys should have them well set up. I also think they are racing them in France.

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