F1 at the X-Centre

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  1. The F1 starts this weekend. Sunday 29th April 2009.
    1st Round in Oz.

    Who wants to watch it at the X-Centre in the arvo?
    1PM start, no?
  2. Race Day Starts at 12 Lunch Time! Of Course I will Be Here :wink:
  3. Sounds good,you stock Beer lao Ian?
    :D See you there.
  4. Oh Yeah,, is it gonna be

    FINNISH 1 & 2 This year. :wink:
  5. Sorry No Beer Lao but have most others in Stock!
  6. Thats ok Ian,Leo's are ok :D

    Go Stoner...!
  7. As I you know I already talked to you guys about this (Davidfl-Ian) so I will be there. :D
  8. Is that one on UBC or cable guys?
  9. Ian

    You said Sunday 29 April ...

    I have a yellow post-it on my wall, to come along to the x-centre on the 29 April, for the last couple of weeks already!

    Now I wonder if you mean March ? I guess I have now missed the Sunday 29 March :x ??

  10. Sorry Ally it was March and i believe it was a mistake By David? I never Posted any Dates Just Times and I never noticed the Date until you pointed it Out? Anyway You Missed Nothing, Both the First Races were Rubbish and Not Worth Watching :twisted: Especially the Malaysian Fiasco where they only did 1/2 a Race. After the Continuous Rule Changes over the years mostly to Hobble the Great Michael Schumacher I feel they have Finally Managed to Completely Ruin Formula 1. I will give it another Try but I am really coming to My Limit on it! :roll:
  11. Oops my mistake alright & a bit of a clanger. Just like the bloody races so far! And to think I stayed up till 2AM in Oz to watch a late night reply of the Malaysian F1, deliberately avoiding any results beforehand so it would not spoil my fun. :shock: What a waste! :evil:
  12. Well you guys just let me know when you think it's worth sitting around Ian's big screen & I want to come along and watch it !

    I think it's a good idea for a few socials now & again.

  13. The Chinese Formula 1 is Tomorrow Sunday 19th and will start on Star Sports at 1pm with Race Day, Race Start is Live at 13:45. 8) It will be showing at the X-Centre for any One Who happens to be out in the Mae Rim Area at that Time :wink:

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