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  1. DavidFL

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    Sunday 8th October.
    Again not the MotoGP but the F1 & this time Japan. It starts on Ian's X Centre big flat screen at 12 mid day. So what about the Kafe 9.45 am to wake up the staff, wind each other up, hit the road at 10.20 am to be at the X Centre just in time for the lights to change & observe Alonso & Schumi engaging in a nice gentlemanly race. Should be fun on & off the track & in front of the box....who's coming?

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  3. dirthonk

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    count me in david ill see you there...9.45 at the kafe
  4. Pikey

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    The XJR will be residing in G3 with a "for sale" sign on it so as I assume you guys won't want to be waiting forever for me to catch up on the little Tiger, I'll see you at the X Centre around midday.

    Enjoy your ride!


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