F1 Shanghai & The Samoeng Loop

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  1. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Well the Shanghai China F1 is on the goggle box starting at 12 mid day Sunday 1st October (= tomorrow), so why not a quick 90 kms blast around the Samoeng loop before the race, to end up at Ian's X-Centre on the Mae Rim - Samoeng road & watch the race there in airconditioned comfort, indulge in "chit chat", eat, drink & be merry riding buddies.
    Meet at the Kafe at 10.15 am?, wind each other up for 20 mins, be on the road by 10.45 & then hit the X centre just in time for the lights to change & watch the race?

    Keep The Power On
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  3. dirthonk

    dirthonk Ol'Timer

    count me down for that david, just done the doi tao loop today need some help getting the pictures on the board.sorry!
  4. dirthonk

    dirthonk Ol'Timer

    great ride today fellas, think i need to put some more hours in on the gixxer if i am to keep up with the "pocket rocket" on his NSR or capirossi on the ducati, that is apart from the final straight anyway justin! a less boring than usual formula one was then watched along with making plans for what will surely be the fastest tiger in thailand run by our very own pikey...oh and sorry to the dog i hit/kicked...suzukiluke
  5. Pikey

    Pikey www.tbbtours.com

    UPDATE: the "Pocket Rocket" whilst attempting to stay in Snail's slipstream seized his NSR solid. Me bringing up the rear on a Baja stopped, laughed and then gave him a pillion to my place where we took my pickup and recovered the poor wee beastie. It is now awaiting lots of TLC (or a fecking big hammer!) in Khun Ball's shop.

    Watch this space for Chiang Mai's first super-tuned Tiger! ;-)


    Pikey. (BTW, bloody nice Gixxer Luke)

    "No matter how hard you try, you CAN'T polish a turd!"
  6. dirthonk

    dirthonk Ol'Timer

    pikey i was thinking that maybe justins mishap may have had something to do with those allegations about the doctor that were made????
  7. Pikey

    Pikey www.tbbtours.com

    Yep could be karma for him 'dissing the Doctor. BTW, did a google on the words "Valentino Rossi + gay" and amidst the bollox it seems unlikely, especially as he has "WLF" initialed on his lid which apparently translates into Eyetie as "I love pussy". Unless he's particularly fond our little furry moggies, I'd say he's straight but don't really give a damn as the bloke is a god on a motorbike.

    I wonder if when Jonadda was at Philip Island the other week eyeballing all the Rossi clobber, whether he noticed any bright yellow anal-penetrator dildos with "46" on them? That could be a clue... ;-)



    "No matter how hard you try, you CAN'T polish a turd!"
  8. penetrator

    penetrator Ol'Timer

    I had an NSR150RR down in Pattaya for a while, fantastic little bikes, must be perfect for flying round the Samoeng loop - unless of course you seize it !

    Anyone know if the cylinder bore is plated on them ? If I ever see 1 for a reasonable price I'd be very tempted to grab it but wouldnt want to take the chance of having to buy a new barrel if the top end seemed a bit suspect.
  9. BignTall

    BignTall Ol'Timer

    The "pocket rocket" was the name of a vibrator i bought the ex GF but thats another story.

    A great bunch of fun it was riding with everyone. Watching Luke get eyeballs filled with his GSXR's clocks everytime he got on the gas was a hoot. 150 hp is even fun for us not on the bike. When luke passed me on the straightaway the force of the blast almost knocked me off my bike. i swear he passed me with a 50 mph closing speed!!!

    Yes us beggers sadly have to make do with paltry HP numbers, that at max revs don't even make as much as the big sportbikes do at idle.

    The cases are split and the results of the failure are in. Cracked piston and almost 3/16 " of play in the rod. It also turns out that the top end was botched together with some strange sleeve that had the ports misaligned. No wonder it would barely break 130 KPH. Sooooooooooooo we're gonna bung on a new piston, rod, crank bearings, seals etc. Plus Ball is breaking out the Dremel tool for some magic on the ports. The new motor should be pumping out a....hold on to your seats...a manly 20 HP. I know Snail will be quivering in his tennies and won't be able to sleep for fear of the NSR reborn.

    Penetrator - fear not the top end of the NSR. Total cost for the above is less than 5000 baht. Cheap fun.

    I'll post a picture of the piston in the ride report.

    Cheers all.
    "Formerly known as the twat, racer55"
  10. penetrator

    penetrator Ol'Timer

    It must of had problems if it would only do 130kph, I used to get 180kph out of mine along the Sukhumvit, 160kph with my Poo Ying on the back. According to Honda they chuck out 37bhp.
  11. BignTall

    BignTall Ol'Timer

    Yep problems it had. But if you saw the mismatched ports you'd see the poor thing was breathing through ports the size of a Honda Dreams.

    Sadly not even close to 37 HP. Tyga put a well kept one on a dyno and it only pulled 18 HP. It was only after porting, pipe, reeds, and bigger carb that it got up 32 at the rear wheel.

    Yes 130 is pretty awful (though it was GPS 130 and not speedo 130).

    Cheers all.
    "Formerly known as the twat, racer55"
  12. edwin

    edwin Member

    I met a young Thai guy a few times and he is crazy about NSR's and he and his mates have a sort of club and they rake about on the Someorn loop . He has bigger wheels on his that came from a VFR 400 and some modified bodywork . He had been running one with a bigger top end . I think it was 175cc . Anyway he said it pulled over 200 kph but drank petrol.If you see him on the road , say hello as his English is very good and he's a nice guy .

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