F800GS and Gasohol 95

Discussion in 'BMW Bikes In Thailand' started by Kev_O, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. Is anyone using Gasohol 95 in their GS800. When I was last at Barcelona for a service I asked if the bike could use the 95 Gasohol, never really got a clear answer at first and in the end they said no.
    I was tempted to try it when out for a run but ended up sticking to the 91 unleaded that I normally use.
    Cheers, Kev
  2. I have used 95 Gasohol in my F800GS since new 14 months ago, now 19,800 km and no hint of any problems. BMW clearly state up to 10% gasohol is OK for use in this bike. When I bought mine they put 95 Gasohol in it. I think the bike is better suited to 95 octane fuel than 91, but on the rare occasions that I have used 91 gasohol it has run OK with no pinking or knocking.
  3. Thanks John, good information. I will be filling it up with some 95 on the next trip. Cheers.

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