Fair price for a 250 Suzuki Djebel?

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  1. cdrw

    cdrw Ol'Timer

    I'm not well versed in motorcycles, but want a bike for use in Cambo as well as exploring Issan. I've ridden a 250 Djebel in Cambo and like the bike. I reside in Thailand.

    A local rental shop has a Suzuki 2002 250 Djebel, but the reg papers list it as a 2004 model. The bike has 25k-km, has Thai plates and is legal and transferrable. It is in excellent condition, well maintained, and is all original except the headlight was replaced with halogen lights. Asking price is 120k-Bt. I tried to nego the price to just under 100k-Bt, but no go. Is 120k-Bt a decent/fair price for this bike???

    Thanks in advance for any informed replies!

    Pattaya local
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  3. Pikey

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    I'd say that's about right. Up here in CNX, an older (96 - 98) RAID or XR 250 without plate goes for between about 50 & 70K and a low mileage 2005 XR 250 can be had for about 145K (again, no plate). Bearing in mind the age and condition of the bike it sounds fair. You've got to realise that second hand bikes don't lose heavily like in farangland. SilverHawk as a 250 Djebel around the same age and he may chip in and tell you what he paid for it as it's not my place to do so.



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  4. Pikey

    Pikey www.tbbtours.com

    Just re-read your post and realised it's an ex-rental. Price is still about right, but get the bike THOROUGHLY checked over by a knowledgable friend as it's probably had it's neck wrung for most of those KMs by customers who's philosophy is "not my bike, only a rental". Also, some (not all) rental shops aren't exactly known for their regular maintenance schedules (costs money!). It may look nice and shiny but remember, elbow grease and new plastics are cheap, chassis/engine parts are not! Hmmm, wonder why it's got a new headlight unit - could have been endo'ed! Seriously, not trying to put you off but go in with your eyes wide open and be prepared to walk away. Also, see my signature below - could apply to this bike!

    Cheers again,


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  5. tropicaljohno

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    I have a Honda Baja XR 250 for sale with Cambodian plates if interested.

    See advert under for sale


  6. SilverhawkUSA

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    I bought my Djebel just under two years ago in BKK. It is 2002 but was in near perfect condition and low mileage. Negotiated down to 125,000 bt with book and plate included. Has been a good bike with the only severe problem being an alternator failure while in Laos. Rode it without battery or lights for about a week (has a kickstarter).

    "Fair Price" is sometimes up to the buyer and the circumstances. If you find a bike you like (and in good condition) it may not be "exactly" what you were looking for or the "best" price, but due to lack of availability of bikes here and/or time constraints you sometimes have to just settle for what you find.

    Dave Early

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  7. Peter1

    Peter1 Member

    This bike is ok without problems.[8D]

    http://board.gt-rider.com/topic.asp?TOP ... hichpage=2

  8. cdrw

    cdrw Ol'Timer

    Thanks to the various replies...(thus far)

    ...rental..yes. But mainly owner's bike. Owner sold off all his big cc bikes..as he mainly rents motos (has 100+) and cars. He has original headlight available if I want it..but changed to halogen as he preferred them. Most farangs that rent in Pattaya do so for their ego (eg 400-1000cc bikes)...traffic congested & not suitable for big bikes (IMHO) and no real places for off-road. I use a moto in Pattaya.

    Thx...but no. Need Thai plates...as not limited to 30-days in Thailand as are Cambo plates. Will probably get Cambo plate for use in Cambo, from 'Lie' at Lucky Lucky.

    Thx, but nah. Getting a number plate with only the invoice can be a hassle.

    SilverHawk...thx for feedback

    Pattaya local
  9. Peter1

    Peter1 Member

    Thx, but nah. Getting a number plate with only the invoice can be a hassle.
    Sure in Pttaya Phuket and Bkk but not in the north. [8D]

  10. Klaus

    Klaus Ol'Timer

    Which do you prefer - a 250 XR or a Djebel, apart fom the looks?
    I don't know either bike, just by the numbers the Djebel seems to have the stronger engine, but how do they compare? Is the Suzie more of a street bike than the Honda? What gives, you're the experts!
  11. penetrator

    penetrator Ol'Timer

    Not owned either but having rented both I much preferred the Djebel, it felt far superior in every department in my opinion. Of course the Djebel could of been a good'n and the XR a bad'n but the XR seemed well maintained.

    I'm renting a Djebel 200 right now and to be honest it feels just as quick as the XR250 did, but the Djebel 250 was a lot quicker. One thing about the 200 though is it only has a 5 speed box and feels like it desperately needs a 6th cog.
  12. Klaus

    Klaus Ol'Timer

    Well, a bit more power in a 250cc bike definitely won't hurt. I like lots of midrange, not just power on top, would be nice to hear from some experienced riders who know both bikes which one has the "better" engine...
    Had a 650 Honda and bought a DR 650 a bit later; liked the looks of the Honda, the higher seat and its dirt abilities. But after a few weeks I rode the DR more often around town and finally sold the Honda, kept the DR because of its great flexible engine, I could do almost anyhting in 3rd gear...
  13. flyingkiwi

    flyingkiwi Ol'Timer

    have ridden both bikes,,and i prefer th XR,,had one afew years ago,,stuck a 280 piston in it,,K&N high flow filter..and an aftermarket pipe... the piston kit came with larger carby jets, then went up one tooth on the front sprocket,,,just to liven it up...went well,,,rode it to work everyday...roared up the beach on it,,,used it on many trail rides..even enduroed it a couple of times..dropped it a river once,,went right under...took about 3 oil changes to get the water out of it,,never missed a beat.the TT yam. is another good bike,,,,bet thats got u thinking....
  14. jon

    jon Ol'Timer

    klaus , do you still have the DR650 .I have one myself .what model do you or did you have ? just interested in your opinion of them .
  15. Klaus

    Klaus Ol'Timer

    Sold it before I came to TH 5 years ago. Was a '98 model, and even though I thought my XR 650 with K&N air filter, bigger jet and Supertrapp was the best Enduro ever, that ugly DR beat it enginewise the way it was, no mods! I didn't do much offroad, had Pirelli MT60's on the Honda, 80% street/ 20% offroad. The Suzuki was a bit lower, and if I would buy one again, I would go for the Suzuki because of the engine. The Honda I had to wring out to the top revvs to make it go, a real hooligan bike in traffic; but I love the midrange of the air/oil cooled Suzuki better. But the tires sucked on the DR, I'd change them ASAP.
  16. flyingkiwi

    flyingkiwi Ol'Timer

    forgot to add,, i do a lot of off road riding,,,,thats why i like the XR,my choice for a 250 would b,, XR.. TT ...Suzuki 3rd..seemed a bit of a plane jane in the bush...cheers
  17. jon

    jon Ol'Timer

    Thanks for that Klaus .my DR is a 1995 but with a very low mileage .Have just put on a supertrp as much for the weight saving if nothing else .Also have a K&N in there as the original just crumbled away.Have also just put on a smaller front sprocket and o ring chain and it feels nice and smooth
    ... and Kev the kiwi ; I would go along with your order of the 250 trail bikes .The XR's are plentiful here and seem to have a better competition pedigree . I do a fair bit of dirt riding over here and have a much loved CRM 250 AR .it is powerful ( 40hp ) but really torguey and pulls well low down .i really rate it and can't wait for the wekend .
  18. flyingkiwi

    flyingkiwi Ol'Timer

    CR250..well for kicking up the dust i reckon u cant beat 2 stokes,love them off road,i enduroded a 175 yam for years,good bike nice long legs,,also moto x a RM 125, moto x is bags of fun,,because there are many spectators, it came into a money sport..young bucks with brand new tricked up bikes,..and then sponsered bikes were racing..big $s...pity this thing happens..in the end ..i flagged it...it wasnt about riding skills..it was how fast do u want to spend.
  19. Klaus

    Klaus Ol'Timer

    It's a shame that there's no Enduro for sale in local MC shops. Years ago Honda had the MTX 125 two stroke; some are still running. In my town the kids are chopping Honda Nova's and other 125's, fitting high fenders and knobby tires, it's the rage right now. Guess the suspension is about the same as on a street bike, it's more about the looks.
    I'd buy a small, light and cheap Enduro anytime, at the dealer, where I could get parts like tires, brakepads, chain and sprockets aso - and a license plate with registration of course.
    My "dream" is an alu-frame Enduro with the 150cc watercooled engine of the CBR150R, no more than 110kg, for 65.000 baht...
  20. penetrator

    penetrator Ol'Timer

    I hired out a CRM250 for the week down here in Pattaya for 2000 baht and it's a cracker of a bike, can spin the back end out in every gear on the dusty tracks. Not a very civilsed bike for the roads although I find myself wanting the lights to be red everytime I ride along the Sukhumvit so I can blow away everything in sight when they turn green. It's been years since I've had to kickstart anything over 150cc and I seem to have lost the technique somewhat as is witnessed by the huge bruise on the sole of my right foot.

    Took it back to the very nice lady I hired it from last night because the rear/brake light is not working and I've taken a Djebel 250 until it's repaired which hopefully will be today, this is the same Djebel I took in May and raved about, I noticed a slight knocking coming from the top end by the time I took it back last time and it has got considerably worse now. My guess is that the XR250 is probably a more sound prospect in terms of mechanical reliabilty than the Djebel being as it is simpler and it's a Honda who I've always felt had the better build quality of the 4 Jap marques most of the time.

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