Fake Hondas in Laos?


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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
081406 - KPL News
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Honda protects its rights under Lao IP law

(KPL) The Lao laws on trademarks and intellectual property (IP) were highlighted last week following the violation of the IP rights of major car manufacturers Honda Motor Company.
A meeting was held in Pakse, Champassak province on Friday to explain the Prime Minister's Decree and Regulations on Trademarks and the Protection of IP Rights, at the province's Science Technology and Environment Agency (STEA).
Mr Khampou Souliyavong, Chief of Champassak province's STEA Cabinet and Mr Viengnakhone Boualapanh, Head of the Intellectual Property, Standardisation and Metrology Division chaired the event.
The meeting raised the issue of the violation of the IP rights of Honda Motor Co., Ltd in relation to its power products "GX Engine" and all other registered trademarks belonging to the company.
The meeting was convened to reiterate that these Honda trademarks and related trademarks and devices have been already registered in Laos.
In accordance with the Prime Minister's Decree on Trademarks and Regulations, any individual and legal entity wishing to import and/or distribute any kind of power products by fixing a brand or logo or related to the rights of Honda Motor Co should be authorised, or risk legal sanctions.
The meeting recalled all participants to be aware of and acknowledge the illegal activities of this matter, and to stop all actions of infringement of the Honda trademarks and power products.
The representative of Honda Motor Co of Japan stated the company has been making many efforts to satisfy customers through the business of producing and selling high-quality products in compliance to worldwide standards. In Laos, the company has been providing Lao customers with such Honda products through its authorised business partner, New Chip Xeng Co, upon the same policy.
In this regard, the company had serious concerns about counterfeit motorcycles of poor quality imitating Honda products, which carried safety risks for customers as they were being sold unchecked in large quantities on the Lao market.
Honda Motor Co representatives expressed thanks for the Lao Government’s endeavours, and for the fact that such countermeasures had been taken quite rapidly by the Official Execution Team.
The countermeasures will provide a real deterrent against such counterfeits with safety risks, and would therefore benefit consumers in the long run, as well as the development of technology, investment and the Lao economy.
The representatives also confirmed that it would keep a resolute attitude against the infringement of IP rights, while making continuous efforts in developing and launching high quality products for consumers, and continuously support investment and development in Laos.
Participants from various relevant government bodies, representatives of motorcycle factories, companies and other related sectors and dealers attended the event, as well as representatives from Honda and provincial authorities, merchants, dealers and other parties concerned.

Comment: Will this kill the cheap Honda Wave / Dream 125 rental business - no more cheap Chinese copies? Now if only they'd do something about copied Laos guide maps.

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Aug 31, 2005
I want to see the Official Execution Team in action.

This story has run a couple of times. The main concern is copied Honda generators rather than bikes but there are plenty of Chinese bikes with very similar names and styling to the Honda Wave. There is a similar problem in other countries with copies of small capacity Yamaha trail bikes. Apparently the Chinese manufactures can copy any bike you want, I guess its up to the mob placing the order to deal with any copyright/trademark violations. Its scary watching some of these things ride down the road with collapsed wheel bearings, no brakes etc etc.