Fall tour- Minnesota to Washington via Arizona!

Discussion in 'Global Trip Reports' started by TonyBKK, Oct 19, 2014.

  1. TonyBKK

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    Gorgeous fall weather and colors in the Twin Cities! Tomorrow I head for Bellingham, WA via Phoenix, Arizona, a journey that should cover some ~5 thousand miles.

    Ready to roll! ^_^

    Looking forward to catching up with a few GT-Riders along the way!

    It's getting cold up here in Minnesota, freezing at night and mid fifties during the day, but a new jacket, baklava and warm gloves paired with the heated seat and grips on the Land Yacht make for comfortable riding. The air is so clean and crisp this time of year and the colors really pop!


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  3. Satonic

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    Beautiful! Miss you dude and kind of jealous :wink:

    Safe riding :happy3:
  4. TonyBKK

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    Cheer buddy! Miss you too, but I'll be back for the New Year and look forward to some bike adventures then!!! :happy5:
  5. TonyBKK

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    Ready to Roll!

    Cool and breezy, temp in the high 50's. Got out of the Twin Cities just fine but a big rig crashed just south of Prior Lake creating a big traffic jam... Other than that it was smooth sailing! I-35 selfie ;)

    The temp climbed as I rode south and I soon found myself sweating from all the layers I was wearing plus the winter gloves and baklava I was wearing under my lid. A quick stop in Ottawa, MN for fuel and to lose some layers and switch to normal weight gloves- much more comfortable!

    Whacked on down to Desmoines, Iowa where I had to stop for fuel. Cruising at 80 mph sure does burn a lot of gas! I usually get 50-52 mpg when touring with my son as we never go over 55 mph, but today with higher speed and a pretty consistent head wind I was averaging 41-42 mpg... Thirsty beast ;)

    Another 200 miles to Kansas City! I'd hoped to get there before the sun went down but got a late start from the Twin Cities. Enjoyed a spectacular sunset- this pic doesn't do it justice at all.

    Almost there!

    Sunset selfie ;)

    Wow, Beer Lao in Kansas City! Who knew??!? :thumbup:
  6. Franz

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    Oh I love these 3 Photos of the landyacht with the coloured trees !! Again sitting on the bike more than sitting in front of the PC like some other people..........5555555, that's what life should be about. :mrgreen:
    Have fun & ride safe ! Franz
  7. TonyBKK

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    Cheers Franz!
    Fall is a lovely time to ride! Nice cool weather, beautiful fall colors and with kids back in school the popular tourist destinations are now mostly empty and quiet. I've always wanted to ride the southern states with my son, but it's just too hot down there in the summer. Spring and fall are the best time to go. I'm having a blast but wish I had my boy on the back...
  8. TonyBKK

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    Kansas City, KS to Springfield, Missouri to Oklahoma City via Arkansas! Fall 2014 motorcycle tour!

    They take their BBQ pretty seriously in Kansas City!


    Was great to catch up with friends who recently moved from Bangkok to KC, what a change, but they are happy and seem to be doing great!

    A short ride down to Springfield, MO. The road is nothing special, but it was another beautiful fall day so a pleasant ride nonetheless.

    Welcome to Springfield!

    Was great catching up with good friends in Springfield, then time to push on! Discovered a fantastic web site called motorcycleroads.com, fantastic resource and helped me plan my route through the Ozarks on some brilliant roads!

    Cool beautiful morning. Crossing Table Rock Lake in SW Missouri-



    Up the in the Ozarks it was cool and foggy


    Wow, southern Missouri is nice! I had no idea!

    Welcome to Arkansas! Say, wasn't Deliverance set around here?? O.0 :shifty:

    Eureka Springs is a funky little tourist town in NW Arkansas. Would like to come back and explore it some time.

    Getting off the beaten path- a small twisty mountain road through thick forest led me to the antique single lane War Eagle Bridge-


    TBC! :mrgreen:
  9. TonyBKK

    TonyBKK Ol'Timer

    As you ride west and leave the Ozarks behind, the Great Plains stretch before you all the way to the Rocky Mountains. No twisties but have to say the 412 turnpike to Tulsa really isn't terrible. :mrgreen:


    36 more miles to Tulsa :happy3:

    I'm getting pretty terrible with the selfies, eh? :lolno:

    A very warm October afternoon on the road to Oklahoma City!

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