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  1. Has anyone else tried the little road that runs in the hills between Fang and Thaton? If you head for Thaton on the 1089 then hook a left onto the 1314 go up through the hills for about 15-20km and there is a small road on your left with a couple of soldiers at the checkpoint. Tell them you just want to go for a look up in the hills and you are coming back as they dont like people going to Fang this way anymore. Last year it was a reasonable surface as nobody used it much but now there are two more army places up there and the surface is covered in gravel. Take care especially on some of the corners, Also watch out for goats and cows. I have managed to ride it twice this year but you will have to bullshit the soldiers that you only want to look and take pictures otherwise they wont let you through as the road has collapsed halfway along. Last year there was only one collapse but now there are two together. You can get across but it is very narrow, Its great up there as you are alone. I rode it on Saturday and covered about 35km without seeing another vehicle. The other two army camps are sometimes more of a pain to get past but they are almost near the collapse. On the way down once it levels out there is another checkpoint, Here they are amazed that you rode it. Last year I went up this way but this year they will not let me through saying road finished. Carry on adter this checkpoint and there will be a left turn towards the dam, This road will take you back into Fang
  2. Colin
    Great to see you submitting some road & trip reports at last.
    The last couple of years you have been one of the most amazing riders in & around North Thailand - & on small bikes, either the Honda Wave or the Phantom you had previously.
    You should have 5 stars for what you've done, but never bothered to contribute anything to this board, apart from take.
    So for me it is fantastic to finally have you on board, even it took a sever ear bashing from me in the Kafe a week or two ago to get you motivated.
    I'm sure you will inspire a lot of other small bike riders to get out & ride longer distances more often.

    Now the road you talk about above is one of hell of a naughty one. It runs along the Burmese border, around the back of Doi Phahompok / Doi Larng, the 2nd highest mountain in Thailand.
    The road's a bit naughty as I reckon parts of it must be on the Burmese side, plus parts of it that you describe accurately are almost "non existent" because of land slides. It is dangerous, which is the main reason why I think they don’t like you using it!
    I was out there last year with Dave Silverhawk Early & declined to ride my Africa Twin across the "gap," on account of the fact that there was no where to have a dab should you need one, just a drop over the side of the mountain. And I did not fancy having to ask the Thai army rangers to go and get a pick-up & rope & rescue team for me & the bike! They would be in more trouble from their superiors than the rider(s)!

    Keep the power on
  3. Phillipe from Belgium and I did this road about a little more than a year ago, before David and I went. It was an exciting ride BUT definately dangerous on a big bike. When David and I were there I believe it may even have washed away more as I was actually happy he didn't want to cross because my heart was pounding at the thought of doing it again, of course I just bashed David for not going.

    We had a few problems with the checkpoints and just drove through one without slowing down, thought sure we were going to get shot. I think if many riders start trying this route they will definately stop allowing anyone through.

    I have pictures and some info posted on my website:

    Dave Early

    Ever notice that "What the Heck!" is usually the right answer?
  4. The first time I did this road was about January 04 and I was just riding around near the reservoir at the back of Fang and just ended up riding it. The first check point just after the orange orchards was no problem it was the next one that I didnt like after you have gone up a fair way. The three soldiers at the checkpoint were barely able to stand and kept trying to get me to drink whisky with them. Every time I started the bike they kept saying no and started opening my panniers. I was more worried about them putting something in than stealing anything, Finally I got going and then it got cold and foggy and blowing a gale up one cliff. Then It was sunny again and I was riding along enjoying the solitude when I came across the big hole where the road had been. I crossed it and kept going and after a few kms it suddenly went very foggy and I could not see far in front of me. Remembering the big hole I rode very slowly and started to worry as it was 16.30 by then and I hadnt a clue where I was. I came acroos a couple of soldiers who assured me I was still in Thailand, I worried when I first saw them as their uniforms looked different. After a while I started going downhill quite quickly and finally saw some signs of life which eased my mind a bit and then finally I came across another road and eventually I arrived in Thaton cold and shivering. About a week later on my way back from Mae Sai I decided to do it again on a lovely sunny day and just rode it totally embarassed by how worried I was the first time as its a piece of piss in the sunshine but not so good in the fog if its your first time up there

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