Fantastic Bike, South East Asian Adventure!

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  1. Fantastic Motorbike for sale - Minsk 1995 (Common in Northern Vietnam, made in Russia)

    Available Now From South Thailand, in the Phuket or Krabi region
    Vietnam Registration; so there are no problems crossing borders, all paperwork is available

    -Best way to see all those real 'Off the Beaten Track' places!

    -Save Money- No Rip Off 'Tour Guides'

    -No Tuk-Tuks needed!

    -Meet the 'Real People'- Has been a real conversation starter, locals are always interested and chat

    -Zip around to find good Accommodation in minutes (No More carrying Heavy Bags!)

    -Excellent fuel economy 20 - 35 Kilometres per Litre (Depending on Terrain & Baggage weight)

    -Good Off Road Tyres

    Everything Included; Pannier Racks with 2 Saddle Bags, Helmets, repair manual, tools, useful spares and contacts & lots of good advice!
    Very Cheap to Repair if anything should happen

    This has been our baby for the last 5 months, we have travelled Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos & Thailand together and have had a fabulous journey. It truly has been the best way to see South East Asia!

    For Pictures go here, ... 0039a9.jpg ... 0089fa.jpg

    Only $350 USD or nearest offer
    Any questions please dont hessitate to ask
    [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
  2. E-mail sent to you! Also, is there any sort of time that this bike has to be out of Thailand and back in Vietnam (coz my schedule is a bit eratic at the moment)????


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