Fantastic info on travelling the Ho Chi Min trail in laos

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  1. An incredibly detailed GPS map, and worth every penny, but be aware it's a one-man production and as a result a lot of areas are woefully out of date... This map shows a lot of old trails that no longer exist and it's missing many of the newer roads.

    Recommend using this map in conjunction with OSM ( which is built by the community, and is open and FREE.
  2. Tony,

    Not sure if you know the guy behind LaoGPSMap but this guy is at least 300 out of 365 days on the road in Laos and knows any nook and cranny in Laos and is very knowledgeable about the Ho Chi Minh trail. What he offers on a SD card is the best you can get on the TRAIL and the OSM map is way behind with what this guy offers.
  3. Not had the pleasure of meeting the creator of this map, but, as I said previously,

    So I hope you don't think I'm being critical?

    But even if he spent 365 days a year out mapping, with the pace of road building in Laos these days there's still no way he could cover every new road and trail in Laos all by himself, not to mention removing all the roads and trails that no longer exist.

    On my recent ride with Brian and Oddvar they both had the LaosGPSMap, while I had the OSM map, and it was very useful to have both, because, as I mentioned before, we discovered that some of the trails on the LaosGPSMap no longer exist, while some of the newer roads, specifically in the area where we were riding around and between Muang Meth and Muang Fuang were missing from the LaosGPSMap but appear on OSM.

    You are correct that OSM lacks the amazing detail of LaosGPSMap which is why I would recommend installing both as they compliment each other nicely. :mrgreen:
  4. Believe you can get the map from Jim at Remote Asia Travel.
    One of the GTR Sponsors.

  5. Ask for the latest version of the Map (2013) as the 2011 version is indeed outdated. However Richard referred to (at least that is what I assume) the separate SD card for the Ho Chi Minh trail only.

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