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    Just sharing some pics and videos for people planning to explore the East of Thailand.

    (Chanthaburi and Trat provinces and up North along the Cambodian border)

    We made a 2 day trip to Trat on our Royal Enfield Bullet 500 and a 3 day trip to Buriram on our Honda CB500X starting in Chanthaburi town.

    An alternative road to Trat, the 3299 instead of Sukhumvit road is a nice ride:

    We took the 3193 from Pong Nam Ron to get as close as possible to the border and headed North:
    Crossing Ta Phraya National Park road 348 to Buriram:

    Staying the night in Aranyaprathet:


    Paid 550 THB for a cottage, friendly people and parking the bike next to my doorstep is what I like.

    Next day: Heading for a lesser known Khmer temple Sadok Kok Thom.

    A surprise at the first checkpoint:

    Many more Checkpoints on that 3446 road:

    Prasat Sadok Kok Thom, a little jewel. Couldn't find the ticket counter, we had no other choice than a free visit.


    Finally, an older video of a coastal road that we like very much, close to our home:

    POI in Chanthaburi province are Wat Khao Sukim and its nearby competitor Wat Khao Khitchakut, representing the war of two abbots.
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  2. Nice one Mike - thanks or posting.

    Prasat Sadok Kok Thom looks amazing - never heard of that place before.



    exactly where is it?
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  3. Thanks it's here: 13.843529 - 102.737283. I will upload a file with a map. It is a small temple but they are preparing its surroundings to make it a big tourist attraction. There are many impressive Khmer temples in East Thailand (Phimai, Phanom Rung etc) but at this temple we were all alone most of the time (a few monks walked in and out). tempe location.PNG
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  4. It is on OSM.
    Screenshot 2018-03-07_20-49-02.
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