Farang Park Entrance Charges

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  1. Hey all, does anyone know what I'm likely to be charged when going in and out of Doi Inthanon National Park on the bike? I presume there is different charges for farang and locals....

    Only 7 weeks to go until heading to Chiang Mai to do the MHS Loop...woo hooo!!!!

  2. Yes Matey
    There has been always frang price,BUT you should challenge it as it should not be any more and if you jabe eter work permit or Thai driving licence that usually do the trick and you wil get "thai" price, unfortunently that is stll existing but it can be challenged
  3. Thanks Marco. Unfortunately I'll just have my own charm which usually doesn't get me too far!!! I'll just be on my international driving license and tourist visa :( I'll give it a go anyway.
  4. It's been a few years, but if I remember correctly you don't pass a ticket boot if you go via the 1088 to Mae Chaem and then the 1192 until the road up to Doi Inthanon.
    Can somebody confirm if this is true???
    I used this road to leave the area after I already bought the ticket.

  5. Lets wait Colin to answer to that one,, he should know all the tricks in the book 8)
  6. Coming up this way you do bypass the gates. But, I have had them try to waive me over to the gate to pay. I just ignored them and rode on without any consequence.

    As for telling them that you are going to Mae Chaem; it depends on who is at the gate. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. The last time I told them that (it was the truth) I still had to pay. Also, the last time I went through they also checked at the second gate to be sure I had paid. TIT, it is never the same each time.

    With Thai drivers license I pay Thai price.
  7. Slash-

    You of all people should know; this is Thailand, Never Say Never. :D
    The day this happened was on the T.J. & Simon Memorial Ride. I was about a half hour behind the main group (who paid a negotiated fee), which did go to the top. I don't know what they said at the gate. I just said I was going to Mae Chaem, Khun Yuam. "Pay money please!" :wink:
  8. Did the back route to Doi Inthanon today, so bypassed the first gate but was expecting to be stopped at the second gate before the Mae Chaem turn off to find out what the charges are.

    Needless to say I was waved through, have to return soon and try again. Had planned to pull the Thai drivers license after I was asked for the farang (thou still a farang) price, so i could find out for G. No luck.
  9. This is my favorite ride out of Chiang Mai, so many different road surfaces and variating twisties, and I always go the Mae Cham back route, never been stopped, even after turning left at the 2nd checkpoint, coming off the back road, and going to the top, then back through the park through both checkpoints :D
  10. Thanks everyone for the advice and Fishenough, hope you didn't head out that way especially (any excuse for a ride out I'm sure :) )

    I'm itching to get going now, especially cos my brakes have ceased on my bike from the harsh UK winter.......

    Expect me to ask more questions soon about the ride!!!


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