Farang? rider killed in or near Chiang Khong?

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  1. Just seen some unpleasant photos but looks like a farang killed riding a new BMW up North.


    If anyone recognizes the bike & may know the rider, some people would like to know.
    May the rider RIP .
    My condolences & deepest sympathy to the rider's family & friends.
  2. Damn, I wish I had not clicked on that link :(

    RIP to the rider and condolences to his family and friends. At least it seems death was instant...

    Ride safe everyone!!
  3. You wouldn't think it should be too hard to check the number plate registration information.
  4. Perhaps registered in name of wife or gf? Not so uncommon here...
  5. Agreed, but then they surely would know who was riding it.
  6. R.I.P. to this rider.

    Images are gruesome. Not sure it's really necessary to post them - this is somebody's friend / son / perhaps father, you don't want anyone who knew him find these pictures.

    License plate is clearly visible so the rider will surely be found; Police just needs to look it up. Either it's his bike, or the owner knows who rode it that day.
  7. I haven't clicked the link. don't want to. for the ones who did , was he wearing a Helmet ?
  8. I have to Agree with Nikster. No one wants Pictures of Loved Ones Posted all over the Net? The Same was done with Our Mate Crazy John who was in the Thai News Paper? A Bit Crude I think and Poor Taste? Just Think it maybe One of Us some Day? How Would Your Family or Friends Feel? Condolences to everyone involved. RIP.
  9. The rider has been identified and his next of kin notified.

    Apparently he had no id on him (how is that possible?!) which is why the pictures were posted on social media in an attempt to identify him...

    Condolences again to his family and friends.
  10. Might be his wallet was lifted. :thumbdown: Unfortunate how often that kind of thing happens.
  11. RIP , so sad , Horrific photo ,,,, So thai ,, Pattaya land transport office has a wall of sick accident photos to try and scare some sense into visitors , does not seem to work though .
  12. Sadly I have to say.. You could be right.
    May be a good idea to keep a laminated copy of our passport page in another pocket of our riding gear… along with insurance details in case you are still alive.

    It is the way it is.. and the culture accepts it.. But can't get my head around the publishing of those terrible pictures.
    You see it all the time..

    RIP to the rider and condolences to family..
  13. This is a terrible terrible thing to happen to anyone - his family and friends must be devastated.

    30 odd years ago a very good mate who was run over by a pickup while cycling (and subsequently died) in Singapore did not have his watch by time he arrive at the hospital.
  14. Some GENUINE ACCURATE info in from the Swiss government rep handling the case.

    The rider killed was a Swiss National: Hans Knecht, who lived in Doi Saket.

    Contrary to the wild rumours & speculation...

    So there was NO hit & run. No personal valuables were stolen.

    The Swiss government rep handling the case is satisfied with the procedure so far.

    Hopefully funeral details will be coming soon.
  15. A brief update

    Hans' funeral was in Doi Saket on Sunday..

    Links to the offending images posted on facebook by other people have been deleted.
  16. Just back from Laos, some days ago I got the sad news of this accident from a Malaysian friend. This Farang, a Swiss national from Chiangmai, was an acquaintance and I had a couple of dinners with him and a group of golfers. Actually, I was supposed to join them again for dinner, three days before the accident, but as I was traveling I did not meet them.

    I do not have more details about the accident, only that it happened.

    Of course, this is very sad and sent a shiver down my spine. R.I.P dear friend.

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