Farrang Issan Meet

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  1. Anyone got any idea's on a central location to get us farrang Issan riders together?

    Does anyone think this is a good idea?

    If we can do something like this is there anyone out there would actually show up and participate.

    I'm not thinking in terms of something like the Chaing Mai bike week. More in the terms of a informal get together, of a few days.
  2. I think it is a good idea. Just about anywhere in Isan is less than a days ride away. The ideal place would be a reasonablably priced biker friendly hotel. Seems like you have the most riders/interest in Udon so why not there? Need to set a date in advance and I will see who I can round up from Korat. Gotta try something.
  3. Well lets give this a week or so and what kind of interest we can find and if we can find enough people who would want to do this I can probably make a deal with the Chareon Hotel, nice place pool, centrally located and entertianment rigth at the sight. So one get drink a long as he could walk if he wanted to do and not have to ride.

    So if there is an interest guys let me know and i will do what I can to get something going here. It doesn't have to be Udon that I will leave to the people who are intereested, but this is the only place I know well enough to try to get things set up.
  4. Well doesn't seem to be much interest, so scratrch that one LOL
  5. A lot of people with bikes here, but no one seems too keen on arranging rides and meets, I'm up for it and I'm in bleedin Bangkok!!! Love going for group rides.
  6. We took a great little lunch ride today to Pu Fue Lom about 50 Klnm out of Udon just into the foothills of the Loie region, there is a Water falls ther but we wne to check out the camp grounds, they weer just great. We were asked for 20 Baht for the local Wat. Requested not demenaded. Great camping area and beautiful scenery, full service resturant with good food. It wa a bit nippy there today, but we will be going camping there with some biker friends that wih to join us, sometime in the next three months.

    If you in the Udon area this is a great lunch ride, even poking along you won't need much time.

    Meets well I suppose we need to leave that to the profesional organizers. Seems like I'm making a few contacts on here, so I will just probably ride down and start meeting a few of those people.

    There are about three of us who ride together very often here, I will try to keep posting rides in advance on the weekend in case anyone wants to hook up with us. I will tell you that speed really isn't what we do, cruising around would be a more accurate picture 110 max would probably be more accurate. We take our wifes on these rides so it is a social event as well, Anyway I will psot them a they come up if you want to join us let me know so we can arrange to meet. If your new to Udon and need a room, I will help with that. I'm not a travel agent but I will do the best I can.

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