Fast route Cahing Mai udon

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    Chaing Mai 11

    to Thong Saen Khan

    1214 to Chat Trakan

    Here you need to watch for a road that look like it is going into the village right after I bridge I beleive it's a short cut to 1143.

    If you miss the turn no problem you still end up 1143, just a longer distance to get there.

    1143 to Nakhon Thai

    2013 to Dan Sai

    2394 to Phu Reau

    Approximatley 16 klms turn right on an unumbered road to Wang Saphung.

    Note you will pass the steak house there is a sign on the left in English

    Bear east and the road becomes 2140

    210 to Numg Bua Lampho and Udon Thani

    We did thi in eleven hors with taking breaks, most of the road is good. Some contruction on 11 to watch out for. The village road stay to the center of the roadway and you will have smooth riding.

    Wang Saphung, road part has lots of potholes be careful. also a very beautiful valley coming from that direction. I had done efore going the othre way and never noticed.

    No photos camera person was holding on :lol:

    I would say our average spped was baout 11 at time we hit 125 but not for long.

    This cuts a lot of time from going to Khan Kean and riding 2 back which was what I did my first trip five years ago.

    Yes I know about the other route through Chumpae now remember that was five years ago. This was three jours shorter then my first trip five years ago on the 150 when I hit speeds of 140 coming back. Also rebuilt the engine the next week :wink:

    Ran that little guy so hard the muffler fell off, no problem strapped in on the back and headed out again. One thing about the 150 I spent an entire 1500 baht on a rebuild, those days are gone.

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