Fatal Accident. Loss Of A Gt Rider

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  1. I’m sorry & sad to report the death of a friend & GT Rider.
    Norwegian, Geir Fylling, an extremely likeable & friendly guy was killed riding his Ducati, just south of Chiang Rai yesterday afternoon December 20th.
    Geir was a frequent visitor to Chiang Mai and always rode a bike while in Thailand on holidays. He has ridden extensively around Thailand in the North, North-east & South, and was a very competent experienced rider.
    Embassy officials & next of kin have been informed of the accident.
    Full details are not yet in, but supposedly no other vehicle was involved in the accident.
    Geir will be missed by numerous GT Riders & all his friends in Chiang Mai.
    RIP mate.
  2. Always sorry to hear of the loss of a rider.

    Condolences to his family.
  3. An extremely sad loss, my heartfelt condolences to Geir`s family.
  4. Geir was one of the best. Hard to believe that just a few days ago we were out on the town, drinking,laughing and chatting up the girls. I, for one will miss him, and his antics, enourmously. I think I speak for all that knew Geir, when I say, his departure will leave a big gap in all our lives. If you're looking down mate, grab a girl and a beer on me!
  5. this very unfortunate fellow rider has provided us a sobering reminder of the downside of the thrills we chase. but, if he felt the same as most all of us do about riding, then he went out doing something he loved. let's find strength in that and continue to chase the thrills while not losing respect for the nature of the action.


  6. Very sorry to hear of another riders death , never met the guy but my heart goes out to his family and friends.
    Whatkind of ducati did he ride?

  7. Very sad . My prayers are with his loved ones wherever they are. A reminder that life is fragile and precious and should not be taken for granted. We pursue a risky pastime.
    I will be interested to hear details in due course.
  8. Sad to here about the loss of Geir. Prayers and condolences go out to his family. If anybody could make a Duc quack it was Geir. Good on ya Geir and here's hoping the curves are plentiful both on the tarmac and in the bedroom wherever you are.
  9. Jules & Partyon - you guys summed it up. Only met Geir once when I had the bar but remember talking about him last week with you Jules. Let's not forget that our chosen passion carries with it some substantial risks, which in this country are probably amplified. There are many other good guys that have gone the same way. God bless them all and hope the riding "there" is as good as here.

  10. As the previous owner of Geir's bike (but still in my name) I was required to go to the police station to finalise the report and collect the bike. Several hours later it was all done then the policeman took us to the accident site. It was an a slippery right hand curve and while he may, or may not have been going too fast, there's no room for error as even the hard shoulder was covered in fine gravel. But what did the damage was a KM marker post set up on a huge block of concrete so that it could be seen clearly. This block is right in the line of anything or anyone that loses control in this corner, regardless of their speed.
    While I was there yesterday, I saw skid marks of a car or pickup that had run off straight into the same marker post. There was also a group of Thai guys on small bikes there, one of which had slid off and hit the marker post with the bike(brand new CBR150) suffering some minor scrapes and a pair of extremely bent forks. The rider was OK.
    So watch out for KM149 on the 118, it's a dangerous place and spare a thought for Geir when you pass by. (Perhaps this picture shows the camber a little better than the other one)

    The only "curve" he ever had a problem with..........

    The people that knew him will know that life around here will never be the same without him and neither will the nights out.
    He rode an 851 Strada
  11. Hello David;
    very sad to hear this news, my thoughts go out to geir and of course his family.
    I wish them, and also you david, strenght for the coming time.
    Rgds, rene.
  12. I did not know him but it always saddens me to hear of a fatal MC accident, especially one-vehicle-accidents; it reminds me that being inattentive or spacing out for only a moment can mean the end of everything...
    I'm happy to have just returned from a 4-day, 1700km roundtrip to Buri Ram; had a few close calls myself. I remember mumbling into my helemt: "You have to be attentive, exact and alert like a brain surgeon at all times..."
    I don't know if it's the photo, but the curve looks like it has no bank, is noT built with a slope or angle, it is flat like a lake - if you take it a bit too fast, it'll be difficult to stay on the road.
  13. We can hypothosize forever and a day as to what happened to Geir, the only fact we all KNOW is that he is no longer here, amongst us. Geir was the 'life and soul' of the party, always smiling and never, ever complaining. He loved bikes, microlights, beer, a good time and Thailand, and not necessarily in that order! As 'Snail' states, 'the people who knew him, will know life will never be the same around here without him, and neither will the nights out'.I couldn't put it any better or agree more.
    Geir was not only 'the life and soul' of the party, he was extremely intelligent and articulate, not only in his native tongue, but English and Thai, which most of us can only dream of!
    As many of you state, you did not know Geir, which only makes me appreciate, even more, just how lucky I am to have known him.

    'Gonna miss you Bro'

  14. Very sad indeed.

    Was out and about yesterday. Stopped for pie and coffee at the Charin Resort, then took a look at the curve. It has a very shiny slick black road surface, and little or no camber. One could easily get into trouble if they came into it too hot.

    Definitely makes one stop and think. The rest of my ride was done at a more conservative pace.
  15. Sad loss. Drive slow boys. All it takes is a second of bad judgement.
  16. Thanks for the accident report , may we all learn from this tragedy, it is very sobering.

    regards Jerry
  17. Very sorry to hear about Geir.There but for the grace of god go I....
    The turn looks eerily familiar to the turn that almost killed me, right down to those stupid cement posts spaced around the outside of the corner. Modern countries use flexible plastic wands to mark corners.
    Again my condolences.
  18. I just got the news from from David Lek. Hadn't seen Geir for a few years but fond memories of the conversations I had with him. An absolute gentleman and the epitamy of a lady's man. You guy's have said it all. Real sorry to hear of his departure, he will be sadly missed by all.
  19. Hi Guys, I did'nt know Geirty, but like all riders you feel a twing when someone buys the farm, those that knew him sorry for your lose.
    3 weeks ago en route to Hongsa saw 3 mini buses parked alongside the road exactly at km 149. There had been some sort of accident, with the side of 1 of the mini buses torn off.
    Now - Wed 7th Feb 2007 - there a bright new orange flashing warning light right on the corner of km 149.
    So that's it - it's doubly official - km marker 149 on route118, from Chiang Mai - Chiang Rai is dangerous. You've been warned!

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