Favorite classic bike rebuild?

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  1. Hiya folks,

    Every now and again, browsing the web for bikes, you come across something that really, really strikes a chord with you.

    Awhile ago i found this;
    and every time look at it, it just strikes me as one of the most tasteful "old-to-new" rebuilds i've ever seen!

    Pic found here.

    Share your favourites ones please.. :)

  2. Since owning a LMI, I have always had a soft spot for the big Guzzi's, especially nice customs such as this:

    Attached files 279290=10792-301740_333275566743555_100001833442391_850832_1925209765_n.
  3. I have to share this one as well and I apologise as neither of these fits into the "old to new" format you state....This being er, new to old? But these two stuck a chord for me more than anything lately...

    Attached files 279291=10793-401550_10150633380034009_523319008_11114114_205962135_n.

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