Feed back re bike hire in Pattaya


Oct 11, 2009
Just thought I would give my feedback re bike hire in Pattaya as previous post show I have been given good advice. I couldn't find the man that had been recommended so I spent an afternoon checking out bike hire places. I wanted a Kawasaki Versys if possible low mileage etc all sorts were for hire, Suzuki Hayabusa seemed the weapon of choice!
I couldn't find anywhere that would let me hire without leaving my passport I did try (I am not the best negotiator) in the end ended up at Sugree Wado Pattaya Land Soi 2 13/4 .It was meant to be a Versys but turned out to be a Ninja 600, 17 km on the clock very good condition bright orange.It was 1000 b a day, I did 2000 km I will post trip later. I had no problems at all with the bike,and no hassle at all when I took it back .I did take loads of photos of the bike before I hired it after previous negative experiences elsewhere.
To make it clear its just my experience I did not know the hirer and the next hirer could have a bad experience but it worked very well for me.
Safe riding