Fiamm Freeway Blaster horns

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  1. cdrw

    cdrw Ol'Timer

    Anyone want a pair...inexpensive!

    Three years ago I mounted a pair on my dirt bike. They were loud...people took notice!
    My mistake was using galvanized strapping to mount them.
    Due to road vibrations, the metal fatigued and one is now somewhere in Cambodia;
    the other is was then held on with reams of duct tape...not a pretty sight.

    The only hardware shop in Pattaya that sold them moved locations a year ago; I finally
    found their new location this week. I bought and sturdily mounted a new pair.
    Both horns are low-note 410Hz (low frequency), unlike my prior pair which were a one low and one high note.
    This is actually better as low frequencies carry further and can be heard at greater distances.
    The loudness of these horns is another reason to ride wearing ear plugs!
    Note, the horns are not marked "Fiamm", so are either a copy or a private label brand of "Fiamm".

    The shop sells the pair horns for 295-Bt, which includes a relay switch. Cheap, I thought, considering I found
    Net prices were from $13-US, for a single horn (no relay), to $30 for the pair. All that is needed is to add a
    10amp fuse before the relay, wire in the relay and mount them. I'll soon be adding a pair to my BMW F650GS!

    If any GT-R regular member wants a pair, and they are not available locally...I'd be happy to EMS the kit to you at cost (in Thailand)...for 295-Bt plus EMS postage.
    PM me. You can reimburse me with a postal money order or at the next big meeting whenever that is (Franz?).

    Horns - now on the dirt-bike:
    Note: I've since rotated the horns to face down as it lessens the chance of water getting in and possibly ruining them.


    Kit includes:
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  3. Franz

    Franz Ol'Timer

    Jay, have fitted some powerful Bosch horns on the 3 biggies already, Fiamm's the same noisemakers, had them in europe on my cars :mrgreen: , cheers, fr
  4. cdrw

    cdrw Ol'Timer

    Obviously there's no interest in some cheap 'Freeway Blaster' horns....
    As it turn out maybe that was for the best.!

    I installed a pair on my F650GS today...they are loud...BUT NOT nearly as LOUD as those I put on my dirt-bike a few days ago!
    So much for Fiamm quality control!

    I'm glad I found out before potentially disappointing anyone!
  5. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Could this be the problem " Both horns are low-note 410Hz (low frequency), unlike my prior pair which were a one low and one high note."
  6. cdrw

    cdrw Ol'Timer

    I installed identical pairs of low-note horns on my Suzuki 250 Djebel and the F650GS.
    The horns on the Suzuki are _very_ loud (best to wear ear plugs!), yet the same pair of low-note horns on the F650GS are much less loud.

    The previous pair on my Suzuki were a low and a high note. They were loud, but nowhere as loud as those now on the Suzuki.
    Go figure?
  7. Franz

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    Jay, did you try to re-adjust them ? There's a small screw on the back (mostly 'Phillipps' ones) where you can adjust as usually they are made in China where final QC is not what we are used to. My Bosch horns had the same problem, just turning the screw a little in or out alters both the fullness and the level of the sound. Rgds, Franz

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