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  1. DATE; Friday 16th Feb 2007
    Dropped the Africa Twin whilst riding it! It's only taken 180,000 kms.
    Result lots of pain – a broken arm, plus a broken mirror & turn signal on the bike. Not much eh.
    What happened – riding down a steep descent & hit a rock in bulldust, which tucked the front wheel straight under & instantaneously down I went, shoulder first into the dirt. Sort of like a stab in the back it was all so sudden & without any gradual loss of control.
    The spill happened between Hongsa & Nam Ngeune / Huay Kon border crossing, checking out the road & border crossing prior to our scheduled departure on the 19th.
    Within 15 minutes I was on my way back to Hongsa in a pick up. Now let me tell you that bouncing around in the tray of a beat up old pick for 20 kms on a bad dusty corrugated road has been the most excruciating pain I’ve ever felt in all my bike spills so far. AND. this was preceded by the tail gate of the pick up collapsing as I was sitting on it & trying to edge my way onto the tray. The fall onto the ground was as sudden as the spill off the bike!

    The Hongsa hospital (more like an outdoors field clinic) is better than the one in Muang Sing as it was made of cement & not wood. But Hongsa has no X-Ray facilities, not that we needed them, as it was pretty obvious it was broken.
    The Lao recommended I be trucked to Xayaboury – 4 hrs & 96 kms away on a very bad road, where I could be x-rayed & then moved to Luang Prabang, all in the wrong direction for me as Chiang Mai & home was to the west-north-west.
    So the ol GT Rider put his battered thinking cap on & decided that the best way was straight home, with the bike if possible & direct to his fave doctor, & GT Riders' hero Dr Sudhee the orthopedic surgeon.

    Amazingly the Nokia phone of Som, Armin’s female companion for the Hongsa elephant trip had a strong Thai GSM signal, whereas the other 3 phones a PDA, Siemens & another Nokia had zilch & we arranged for The Snail, alias David Lek to cruise over the border at Huay Kon & pick me & the bike up.

    The next step was to be transported to the Lao / Thai border. This was a slight problem, because the 2 official hospital pick ups were being used for ferrying Lao govt officials around for the Elephant Festival & they did not want to let them go for medical business. Eventually we found a pick up belonging to a Dr from Xayaboury who offered to transport us to the border.

    So after a night in the Hongsa hospital it was off to the border & get picked up by The Snail & transported back to Chiang Mai with the broken arm, tucked up inside my t-shirt & wrapped with the one small bandage (it was better than nothing Sudhee said) the Hongsa hospital had. 6 hrs later I was in Cnx at 9.30 pm, showered & tucked in bed hoping to last out the night, testing out my pain limit, with a planned visit to Dr Sudhee, at his Sunday clinic.

    Well I did not quite last the night & at 11pm had to slip down to Ram 1 hospital for a jab of Tramadol & the compulsory X-ray (No X-ray = no jab). Surprise, surprise indeed my left humerus was broken right at the very top – but in 4 places making it almost shattered.
    I resisted the greedy Drs request for an immediate op to pin it & returned home to bed with my doting teerak, now the not so happy go lucky g/f singer.

    Today after a visit to the good Dr, who says hello to all the GT Riders who have used him, the news is not so great, as it is probably going to be too difficult to operate on to insert a pin or a plate, due the presence of a main artery running through the joint, and it will be a long wait, hopefully & a successful natural healing process.
    So it looks like the GT Rider himself is going to be off the road for quite few months, and the only thing that will make me happy & jealous at the same time is lots of road & trip reports coming in good folks…...

    Ah yes the photos inserted were taken by my good self, before Silverhawk & Armin could take theirs. So despite being somewhat battered I still beat them to the draw, as well as legally crossed the closed Lao (Nam Ngeune) / Thai border at Huay Kon first.

    Next clinic appointment is Tues after which I hope to be up & about in the Kafe sometime.

    More funky hospital photos will come from Silverhawk…….so you can all have a laugh at my expense, while you can mates.
  2. Hello David.
    I wish you a good recovery.
  3. david
    get well soon,see you at the kafe,all the best from me and the oapillion.
  4. You boys! It must have been an incredibly painful experience - wish you a swift recovery - DO WHAT THE DOCTOR SAYS - if he's so good you lasted out a day without treatment, do at least listen to him -Mother talking! Any goodies you fancy in the food line?
  5. Unko,

    Yep, listen to "mum" and "DO WHAT THE DOCTOR SAYS". However, (with the utmost respect to OAPillion), if you start getting cabin fever, gimme a bell and I'll taxi you about in the truck some times to get out on the piss. Better leave that for a short while as we are off riding offroad to Soppong/Pai e.t.c for the next few days. Will send a report once done and I will press Luke into writing it so it will be a good'un!

    Keep smiling mate and sincere best wishes for a speedy recovery.

    BTW, next time you find yourself in similar riding conditions, best consult "Bull Dust Bob" as to how to tackle them! [;)]


  6. David; i wish you all the best to recover quickly and get on the road again with the twin!.
    Rgds, Rene.
  7. David,

    i guess I know who'll be a constant companion for me across the bar now , eh?

    Sorry to see you in pieces.

    The important question it the right or left arm? If it's the left arm at least you can be mobile on an automatic scooter for getting around.

    Hats of to Snail for getting you back to the snuggling bosom of the HGL G/F singer.

    We of course want to see all the incriminating photos from Silverhawk.
  8. Sorry to hear about your spill, hope your arm knits together again quickly, at least it will be stronger than before when it does.....
  9. M8, sorry to hear you bought the farm!
    get well soon, Mekongs the go, or if'n youv'e got some mate get them to shout you a bottle of Chivas, The pain will still be there when you sober up,but what a nite[}:)] any more pics?
  10. Ouch! Sorry to read about your spill. Sounds like a pretty miserable experience. Kudos to Snail. Hope you mend quickly.
  11. Sorry to have missed you in Hongsa, especially given the cirucumstances. That dust is a bitch! And the front brake is not your friend.

    Heal up quickly!


  12. David,
    Sorry to read about this David. Sure hope you are up and running again asap. Take care and best wishes, Robert
  13. Look on the bright side.

    At least with that fall it should have shaken your electrical problems outta your bike
    and you only need one good arm to hold up a drink.

    The way David Snail has been despatched lately for your electrical/self-inflicted oops he'll have to rename himself David Nightingale.

    Get well soon
    Shawn (Got my tickets, should be in CNX middle of July!)
  14. David,

    you make it sound as if it is a piece of cake, the pain etc.
    I broke my humerus head ( upper arm ball ) when taking photos of one of my most sexy models. Standing on a bench the model came too close, I took a step back and fell off the bench. To make a very, very long 3 year story short, try to can get the best surgeon before doing anything. I had my humerous head operated on twice. Second time by THE shoulder specialist in Europe.
    But even he could not prevent a psydartrosis, (spelling?), meaning the humerus head bone never grew together again.
    So to speak I have now two limps in my shoulder, and I am much restricted in movement and strength.
    This is not to scare you but please ask more than 1 doc. I have met serval patients in that Special Shoulder clinic, who were in pain for years.
  15. Perhaps, Marcus, the specialist would have given the samesame opinion not to operate if, yes if I hadnt been so stupidly idiodic. Didnt tell, that for that shooting I had 6 models flown to Spain at my own expenses and the broken shoulder happened on day 1 of a one week shooting. Sh.....
    When I went to the hospital, no pain, still in schock, Doc told me operation was needed. OK, next day operation. Day 2 I had myself released against of course signing a waiver and did my one week shoot with 1 hand. climbing on the gas tank of Palma de Mallorca. 'Great pics !, really great, but the screws in my shoulder didnt last long enough.......... ... &O=D&P=514
  16. get well soon dave, id offer you my recovery dvd player and collection of eastern european classics but im sure youve already got them all, im off on a 3 day dirt ride tommorow and if my record is anything to go by then ill probably see you at doctor sudhee's surgery soon, if not hope we can catch up when we get back from pai.
  17. Bloody hell Dave, you get yourself into some strife, hope it wasn't your drinkin arm.
    All the best for a speedy recovery.
    Any serious damage to the old Africa Queen?
    See you sometime this year.
  18. My commiserations to all with present or past equilibrium problems.
    At the risk of being humerus [:D] you guys are sure on the right forum. If you went to ... &O=D&P=514 you would have a whole heap of other stories to tell.

    There but for the grace of god..........
  19. Sorry to hear about your spill and the pain.Heard a story from an English girl yesterday.It is not about bikes but it might take your mind off your arm.Anyway she was watching a rugby match in England and one player got hit so hard he dislocated his pelvis.A medic ran on and popped the joint back but the poor player then started to really scream.Seems one of his crown jewels was stuck in the joint.
  20. Sorry guys, you are going to have to wait a little while for the much anticipated photos of Davidfl and what they referred to as a "hospital".

    Just home from Hongsa myself and still cleaning dust out of every crevise in the motorcycle and my body. I do have to hand it to David. He was just getting up as I came around the corner. The first thing he did was get his camera and start lining up a shot, one handed. As you can see above I was not yet off my bike and he was shooting. I shouted "Are you OK" as I assumed no problem when I saw him with the camera. After an initial, "My arm hurts a little" it became much more descriptive language describing how much his arm hurt, as it hung limply at his side.

    This trip had more drama and events than any other David and I have done together. Reports forthcoming.......
  21. Looking forward to the reports and wish you a speedy recovery.
    It always amazes me after all the life threatening situations one encounters in that much motorcycling that such a seemingly innocuous situation is often our undoing.
    Get well soon,
    Cheers, Peter
  22. Hey David,

    It's been a long time since you ripped your knee apart. I'm amazed it's taken so long for this one to happen.

    Catch you in a week or so. [;)]
  23. Ian
    Yeah I too have been waiting for something to happen as it is 180,000 kms up on the Africa Twin & it's never been dropped whilst ridden. Ive slippped on a rock & put my foot in a hole, both in car parks to put it down gently. The bus accident was 12 yrs ago & the following year I got dragged down the road by the pick up. Since then zilch.
    It's funny how it goes, the bus one was a relatively fast one & resulted in 100 plus stitches in the leg & a trashed NV400SP, that the Snail fixed up like new; & the pick up was a fast one with only 4 stitches in the shoulder. Now this last one could have only been at 25 kph, the bike only has broken mirror & turn signal, but the shoulder is a total mess. A 4 part fracture, plus the humerus head is 'mashed', Dr Sudhee's own words. Non operable in his opinion, &
    if you did try more than likely it would not work. A prosthesis is another option, but very very expensive, not available in Cnx & again he doubts if it would be worth it. Plus in my case not enough insurance to cover it. So forget it. That leaves the natural healing pocess, that will take a few months, re-fitting of plasters to juggle it all back into place as close as possible as it heals. I will have restricted movement, but importantly will still be able to ride for a few more years to come. So wont complain.
    Sudhee also says if I was not so old then bones would be a bit tougher & if I was not so fat 'n heavy the impact would have been less. Oh to be a young reckless whipper snapper again....
    See ya in a week or two. & no touching the left arm!
  24. hey david,

    i know time is on your side now but i am still impressed how much typing you have managed with one hand only...
    our first ride together was some 17 years ago and i always had the greatest respect for your riding skills and style. when i came round that corner right behind you and saw your bike down, i went - WOW - never expected such a sight, although, given the road condition, this could have happened to anyone. saw you up and fishing your camera out, clearly still stunned from the hit and at that time i still thought you were fine and unhurt. then, as we know, reality caught up with all of us very fast. i haven't seen som's photos yet but i guess there is a gem in there or two which i will share with you (you bet).

    i wish you a speedy and complete recovery and if i can be of any help you know where to find me. how about driving out to the hang dong speedway in my pick-up on sunday for the go-kart race. my son's racing and i probably will too.

    "if it doesn't kill me, it makes me stronger"
  25. wish you to get well soon ..hope to meet you soon for some ride..

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