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  1. Bought a 400 drag sled, Talk about kick back. Test road a 1100 CC but the ride position just killed my back, power was nice. But the 400 has enough for me. I usually poke along around 110 anyway, anything past that is really waisted when I ride. Got the book so good to go for Lao when the weathher gets good. Not nearly a responsive as the 535, but a heck of lot more comfortable ride.
  2. Ray23

    Not sure what a drag sled is, but if its a Dragstar I have a workshop manual, pdf file, for a 600 which is the same bike. I can email it to you.
  3. Ya it's a drag star, but everyone calls them a sled, so I thought why not rename it. LOL

    That would be great Thanks. Deal just worked out to good, I was going to buy the book for the 535, that was going to be 60K, Trade the bike in and add 150 newer model, and a better touring bike for me. The sled fits my style and it had a book. So now I need the good weather. It will take some getting used to after the 535. But in the long run just a better fit for me. already had the solid touring bags, They transfered the running board and sizzy bar back rest, from the 535, originaly made for the 750. This is the third bike it's been on, so I definetly am getting my monies worth out of that. Floor boards converted straight over. I may have to go to a rocker shifting level, it sits a bit high with the floor boards same with the brake pedal. Or just get used to it LOL

    Have to figure out different brackets for the windshield , the bars are a thicker diameter. Then it is completly set up, at no additional charge. At worse case I'll order a factory windshield.

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