Finally got some ride in on the Honda 700

Discussion in 'N.E. Thailand Motorcycle Trip Report Forums' started by ray23, Aug 13, 2013.

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    Good Day trip about five hours saddle time

    Udon to Ban Phu 2021 the road turned to crap 20 Klms before Ban Phu. After that the roads are good with the occasional pot hole. Stayed on 2021 to Nom Som and over to Songkhom. The Maekong is full. 211 to Tha Bo, back to Udon.

    I'm amazed the bike did that on one tank of fuel. It was on vapors. But, it did it.

    I had some slow going beyond the norm caught a bit of rain and there had been some landslides, so muddy on the road. 1st an second gear stuff.

    I'm very happy with the Honda 700 easiest bike I have ever ridden, Between what I save on fuel and not ordering parts from America and no shade tree mechanics. This was the best move I have made here as far as bikes are concerned.

    Week before I did a similar trip but went to Loie and avoided the river. Did the same thing except I made the turn to Pak Chom 2108 just outside of Nom Som. It goes to a T intersection you can go right to Pok Chom or left to Loie. Between the turn on Nom Som and that T intersection that road is crap. After the T intersection not bad.

    Takes you right into Loie just before you get to Nong Bua Lampho about 20 Klms of road construction and it is a real mess.

    The bike did that trip on one tank a well. So I'm a happy camper. I don't think I will push the bike range any further and gas up 1/4 tank,. It far exceeds my butt comfort range with out stops LOL.
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    Is this the new NC 700?
    I have been looking at that bike myself.

    Thanks for a nice report.
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    You may be interested in my comments re NC700S in Post #122 on "What Bike is this?" thread.

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