Finally: R13 N Pak Mong - Oudom Xay to be fixed.

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    Road 13 North in dire condition in Oudomxay

    An 82km stretch of the country's main north-south highway, Road No. 13 north, has become severely degraded, hindering the transport of people and goods in the region.

    The degraded section runs between the Pakmong junction in Nambak district, Luang Prabang province, and the provincial capital of Oudomxay.

    People who have travelled on this road say the risk of an accident is high, especially during overtaking. In addition, the road surface is very uneven and the foundations are weak.

    With the surface asphalt layer largely gone, this hilly road becomes a sea of mud in the wet season and a cloud of dust in the dry season, sparking plenty of complaints from road users.

    But that is set to change. The Ministry of Public Works and Transport will begin repairing the road in the upcoming dry season, using a US$82 million loan provided by the government of China, according to the Lao News Agency which quoted transport officials responsible for the road.

    It is estimated the upgrade will take three years. A survey has already been made and the plans drawn up and reviewed by the relevant sectors.

    With Oudomxay province due to host the National Games in 2014, there is concern that, in its present condition, the road could affect participants travelling from Vientiane and other areas of the country.

    However, transport officials are committed to repairing the road and promise that travel conditions will improve, although the work will not be finished by the time the games come around.

    The Pakmong junction lies about 82km south of the provincial capital of Oudomxay. It used to take 2-3 hours to travel this distance but given the current road conditions the journey now takes 5-6 hours.

    Buses and heavily laden trucks may take even longer as drivers have to negotiate potholes, mud and dust.

    National Road No. 13 is an artery for the people of Laos because it is the main link between the northern and southern regions and also connects Laos to its neighbours.

    For years, local people and business operators have used this route to transport goods to local and regional markets. The degradation of this road is not only damaging to the transport sector but directly affects the livelihoods of local communities.

    The road is used by trucks carrying goods between Vientiane and the northern region, so it is essential that repairs are made as soon as possible.

    Source: Vientiane Times. 16 September 2013.
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    Once Finished Laos should be OK for just about any Bike. At the Moment only Dirt Bikes are really Suitable for that stretch! Be a Great Improvement on Travel Times!
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    Yes indeed,

    That's why on french forums I suggest now that the riders go to Muang Khua,have their bike on the Nam Ou to Nong Kiaw.
    So they can enjoy this magnificent river and avoid the horrible Udomxai -Pakmong.

    3 riders are doing it next month.Then, I'll post the time table and actual price they paid.

    Later on,when I go back to LPQ to retrieve my bike,still there after my crash in Jan,I'll ride back to HoueiXai through Xayabouli, Hongsa,Pakbeng,UdomXai.(I have plenty of time and no more off-road alone.)
    I would have prefered to exit at Muang Ngneun but in Jan I entered at HoueyXai and there I have Lao and Thai friends
    who will help me to smoothe the crossings with the customs and not have to pay 5$ for every day overstay since Jan! LOL.

    Cheers, Lung Jacques.

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