Fino most wanted by robbers. What about big bikes&quot

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  1. Hi,

    Today The Nation publishes the story below. It claims "the total number of robbed motorcycles in Bangkok and vicinity provinces was 105 last year". It doesnt seem much to me for an area with more than 10 millions people.

    However it doesn't mention "big bikes".
    Did anyone had his bike stolen in Thailand or Lao?
    (Which model)

    Yamaha Fino most wanted by robbers
    'Yamaha Fino' motorcycles are the most wanted for robbers, according to FM 91 Traffic Radio Station.

    Jaitana Sriwangpon deputy managing director of Wilai Centre and Sons Co, cooperator of the radio station said it was informed that 19 motorcycles were robbed in Bangkok and vicinity provinces between January 1 and February 24.

    Most of them were eight Yamaha Fino motorcycles. Others were six Honda Click, four Yamaha Mio and One Yamaha Nuvo motorcycles.

    "Moreover, it was found that Yamaha Fino motorcycles have been also robbed most during last year with up to 26. While, the second wanted for robbers was Yamaha Mio with 25. Nineteen Honda Click, 12 Yamaha Nuvo, 12 Honda Wave, 8 Honda Sonic and others were also robbed," she said.

    Meanwhile, the total number of robbed motorcycles in Bangkok and vicinity provinces was 105 last year.

    Motorcycle owners have called FM 91 via hotline 1644 and 0256200334 to inform the incidents.

    She said motorcycle owners told that robbers, aged between 14 28, had ridden motorcycles following them closely and then forced them to leave their motorcycles. If they tried to ride their motorcycles away from the robbers, they would attack them.

    The Nation
  2. The number stolen appears to be the number reported to the radio station - I'd imagine in BKK metropolis, the figure is in the thousands, not the low hundreds. Interesting that the "most desirable" bikes for the thieving scumbags are all "twist & go" autos.

    For big bikes, I personally don't know of any thefts and if these monkeys are following their targets on a Wave e.t.c, it would be pretty easy to just crack the throttle and get out of there if you felt threatened.


  3. I have heard reports from a couple of different sources that Halsan (sp) had his Harley Dyna Low Rider stolen while he was at the Burapa Bike Party on Saturday night. I think it's a 99 model
    Halsan is a guy from a European country, I forget which one, who lives in Thailand and is constantly on the road touring. He maintains his bike with all the right gear but never washes it so it looks quite scruffy but is very sound mechanically. He evidently went to find it at around 3am and there it was – gone. For those who may not know Halsan he has one short, or one long leg, depending on which side you stand. He speaks fluent Thai and also reads Thai newspapers.
    His life is on that bike so lets hope he gets it back.
  4. I agree with Pikey, the numbers reported seem extremely low for a city the size of BKK. If the thefts here follow in line with other countries, the type of bikes stolen probably are not what you would think.

    They usually are stolen to break down and sell the parts. The parts that are easily sold are for the most popular bikes on the road. Waves and the Finos would be a popular choice.

    Big bikes are too visible and there is not that big a market for second hand parts. IMHO.
  5. In Laos, the motorcycle of choice for your self respecting thief is the humble Honda Wave. I last saw mine sometime in early 2007. Was the first bike I had owned for about 10 years or so. Not much of a re-introduction to the joys of motorcycling I know but I had grown quite attached to it. Was surprised how bad I felt when some low-life nicked it from out the front of the girlfriends place.
  6. I notice that "big bikes" are getting more and more popular with Thais. And the big Japanese makers are now selling brand new big bikes in LOS.
    This could generate a market for thieves, being about parts or the all machine.
    I was curious to check if the phenomena was there already.
    Thanks for your contributions,

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