Fire in the jungle and some nice track to Doi Pui


Jun 1, 2003
We started our tour at 10 am this morning. From the edge of Doi Kham Temple we took half way the Samoeng shortcut and then turned right for a fantastic hill climb.
The jungle was burnt and our throats were dry from the mix of smog and heat. It was hard to make out any track, but luckily we could find a route that lead us up furthermore the hill. Some narrow passages, some tree logs – nothing to serious yet. Now the foot path became more narrow and it was harder to stay on the track. To our left a deep no mistakes now. After a few more corners, we get stuck at some roots of a tree. No chance of passing, so we have to lift the bikes over.
The small fires are all around us, but luckily theres some nice breeze blowing, that makes breathing more easy.

After another tree log we find some very rocky terrain, very fun riding, the sight is just marvelous, looks like there's a waterfall somewhere – but not 100% sure. Now the track really becomes fun and there more fast passages and corners until we reach another very steep hill climb. A big smile on my face I am ready...George goes first so I can capture this madness on camera. This hillclimb is very long.

This time I had my gps on my android phone on and I recorded the track...anyway some parts of this track is not for beginners, always think twice, sometimes it's better to turn around, then being stuck in the jungle without water, tent and etc.

To my very surprise we came out somewhere between Doi Phui and the Hmong Village...maybe this is somewhere near to “Last man standing”

this is the record from my gps, sorry not an expert