First 4 FANTASTIC days riding around Chiang Mai

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  1. Dear Rex, Steve, David, John and Ian (and all riders! ; )

    you were the guys I had the pleasure to meet, listen to our advices, sharing information on the basics from where to rent a bike-to which roads to take, getting together around a map (and a drink :) , for this first trip on the bike in Thailand.

    I did have SUCH a GREAT time!!

    Moreover than the pleasure to ride a bike on these mix of roads (boring medim - not many thanks god!), great small, greater smaller, FANTASTIC off road, more serious off road - I reached my "limit" on that last day ; ) ; see such beautiful nature, landscape, temples, villages, animals, colors, flavors, perfumes....MOREOVER than the all of that, that trip "on my own" riding a bike, meant A LOT to me, and I FELT ABSOLUTELY GREAT, and you all helped also on that! MERCI.

    Well, NOW some photos:

    DAY 1 - Thursday 28th January:
    - The Mae Sa Valley loop with MotoRex.
    - 45 photos from Rex and myself (follow the below link)
    We added bits and pieces of small roads to make the "loop" more interesting and see some more "remote" places. We also stopped in the Sainamphung Orchid Garden, and went up to the Wat Pra That Doit Suthep above Chiang Mai.
  2. DAY 2 - FRIDAY 29th JANUARY

    200km ride (on my own this time) (150km in the middle on the small roads): FANTASTIC !! : )

    Chiang Mai-Paeng Faen-Jaeson-Pong Dino (The part between Pang Faen-Phang Thong was GREAT) :!: :!:
  3. DAY 3 - 230km with Rex - including about 50km of OFF ROAD

    ... absolutely GREAT !!

    Chiang Mai on 1001 until Long Kord - then off road Ban Lung where we saw a reclining Buddha being built - around Hua Sai, lunch in one of the villages somewhere in the jungle - then back toward Mae Pang on even smaller dirt road: FANTASTIC !! :!: :!:

    PHOTOS (from Rex and myself):

    VIDEO (from Rex and myself):

  4. DAY 4 : 23 photos
    - about 100km? (I am not too sure) - including about 15km of off road.
    - Photos by Rex, Steve and myself

    With MotoRex and Steve we went for a bit of (more) serious of off road: after a bit of warming up in the curves of 1004 until San Ku Ruins : ) , we took the off road down to the lake of Huay Tung Thao, where we stop for lunch, then back on the big boring 107 we split up (as MotoRex had to go back to CM). With Steve we went ahead to the X-Center for a coffee with Ian, then we went up to PANG HAI, then in the BEAUTIFULL terrasses of valleys of Hmong Nong Hoi Mai, then back down to the Samoeng Loop, then we took in direction of Samoeng (therefore I have done it on both ways : )

    GUYS !!! What a fantastic days !! Thank you so much !! :D :D :D :!: :!:
  5. Hi Sylvie.

    Its great to hear you enjoyed your time in around Chiang Mai. It really is a great part of the world for riding motor bikes as you have found out.
    And also glad that Gt-Rider, and the members you meet were of help while you were here.

    Good riding with you.

    Cheers Rex.
  6. dear all !!

    I have just participated in a foto competition organized by the Thai Tourist Board for winning a "fotography tour of Thailand" :!: :!:

    I hesitated a LOT :lol-sign: between those photos which represented the BEST moments of my holidays :D





    BUT in the end I choose those ones..... (see ALWAYS second photo)... ... rafia=1818 ... rafia=1817 ... rafia=1820 ... rafia=1819

    What do you think :!: :?: :!:

    FINGER CROSSED :!: :!: :wink:

    Ciao from the olive trees hills North of Rome, with my red Suzuki 650 Djebel (120.000km) and mytical Thai leather jacket ! :D

  7. Hi Sylvie,
    Send all the Photo's! They are all Great!!! Hope to catch up one Day or maybe See You in Rome???
  8. I did not win the photo competition :(

    but anyway....2 photos (sorry the first one is very big, but i have trouble to post the images and have no more time to try to fix it now) with my 650 Djebel of a 4 days with my friend of the RomaMotard, on the "race track" of Collelongo in Abruzzo (inland in the mountains from Rome), and the first time for me on a "race track" :D I have had SUCH a fun ( I also tried a 450CRF of competition)



    MORE photos here following this link (including 300km rides I did in the mountains of Abruzzo, in 4 days and 20km dirt track)

    ciao to all from Rome :mrgreen: :happy2:

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