First dust-free road opened

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  1. Ok,, now im buzzeled,, what is Dust Free road... :eek: :eek:

    this is from Bkk post yesterday.

    Published: 16/01/2010 at 01:13 PM
    Online news: Local News

    Transport Minister Sohpon Zarum on Saturday presided over a function to open the country’s first dust-free road in Buri Ram’s Lamplaimas district.

    The construction cost of the 34 kilometers-long road linking between Baan Salaengphan and Baan Nong Nam Khun was 14 million baht.

    The dust-free road is part of the Thai Khem Kaeng (Strong Thailand) stimulus scheme of the government.

    The Ministry of Transport plans to build more than 150,000 kilometers dust-free roads nationwide.[/b]
  2. The dust free roads initiative is a government road improvment project mainly in Issan mettalling roads surfaces ,its actually been going for 6 years and has paid for many dirt highways to be mettalled ...its also a good source of tea money for corrupt officials and contractors.
  3. "metalling roads" ?


    What is this?
  4. i google it and this was what i found...

    A gravel road is a type of unpaved road surfaced with gravel that has been brought to the site from a quarry or stream bed. They are common in less-developed nations, and also in the rural areas of developed nations such as Canada and the United States. In New Zealand, they are known as 'metal roads'.[1] They may be referred to as 'dirt roads' in common speech, but that term is used more for unimproved roads with no surface material added. If well constructed and maintained, a gravel road is an all-weather road.

    The gravel used consists of irregular stones mixed with a varying amount of sand, silt, and clay, which can act as a binder. A gravel road is quite different from a 'gravel drive', popular as private driveways in the United Kingdom. This uses clean gravel consisting of uniform, rounded stones and small pebbles.
  5. Hi Marco,

    I worked on Google too:
    From Wikipedia: "Metalling has had two distinct usages in road paving. The term originally referred to the process of creating a carefully engineered gravel roadway. The route of the roadway would first be dug down several feet and, depending on local conditions, French drains may or may not have been added. Next, large stones were placed and compacted, followed by successive layers of smaller stones, until the road surface was composed of small stones compacted into a hard, durable surface. Road metal later became the name of stone chippings mixed with tar to form the road surfacing material tarmac. A road of such material is called a "metalled road" in British usage, or less often a macadam road. The word metal is derived from the Latin metallum, which means both "mine" and "quarry", hence the roadbuilding terminology."

    So if I understand well, it is a tarmac road, isn't it?
    And "dust-free-road" by comparison with "concrete road", I suppose...

  6. A metalled road is a road with a tarmac surface, at least in Great Britain it is.
  7. Gobs

    Google is funny, i mena you can find 2totally different thing's in there for the same subject,,,but lets wait and see what thai gov will come up with this "Dust free "road project :wink:
  8. I think monsterman has it right
    other comments seem to be the usual dull comments, that fills up webspace.
    hopefully the Gov dept keeps it in there office gathering dust.
    pass it around once in a while to keep them all in a job
    I think 2010 could be 'blood covered roads'
    unless they address real issues
    Anyway, as long as gravel tracks remain in the countryside,
    Do it in the dirt. with adventure tours

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