First Motorbike Trip To Laos. From Chiang Mai To Luangphrabang 1995

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    When Laos was not develop Trip from Chiang Mai to Luangphrabang and back on a terrible ship to Chiang Khong. 3 days and 3 nights on the Mekong.

    This is the first Motorbiketrip too Laos in 1995. That is the best video about any other trips too Laos. Laos 22 years ago. You see the first time a boatrip on the Mekong river. 3 days and 3 nights on a terrible ship. Szenes you never seen in any other videoclips. Have a special look on the Thaiguides. One is Sak the skinny man with the red cap. He loves Gancha. In this time you can buy in the morning on the local market in LPB gras. He bought 2 Kilo for 150 baht and he was happy. Later in ChiangKong he was so sad he must put the most in the Mekong river with tears in his eyes. The other one was Boy a Toutguide from Chiang Mai. The first some years a good boy. But he has later a alcohol problem. He died hanging himself in a temple in Chiang Mai.

    The video start in Chiang Khong, at fist you see the road to Viengphuka. A lot of dust and sometimes a lot of mud. Stop for 1 night in Viengphuka. Late in the evening the governeur from the provinz Bokeo come with his life guards to visit us. I must drink a lot of Lao whisky with him but I won. Later he gave us a hut for sleeping but not the 2 Thaiman. They slept in a very very low hut. In this time they didn t like Thais in Laos. The whole village waiting for us when we woke up. Because it was the first time to see people from western county in their village.

    Next day to Luang Namthan. The governor fom Bokeo gaves information to the governor from Nam Than Provinz. When we arrived, there was only 1 hotel. A nice woman gaves me a present orchid flowers... what can I di do with flowers in this time. But it was a nice gestur. So in the evening the Govenor so happy that we are there. He arranged a day trip to China, we riding to Muang Sing and cross the boreder to China. Back in the evening. In this night a tief coming in our hotel. Steel to guys nearly 5000 baht. In another room he tried again. In this room one German guy with his girlfriend. The woman hear that some one is in the room. She wok up and shouting. The tief afraid and jump over them in theire bed and running outside. Next day the Lao Sherlock Holmes comes to visit the room but no success. ha ha

    Another day another adventure. Driving further to Udom Xay. Nice to found a very very old and dirty hotel. Does matter we was here for adventure.

    Next day Udom Xay - Luangphrabang. On the junktion in Pak Mong we playing with the children that was always a lot of fun for us and for them.

    In this time the road was very very low and sometimes real Off Road. Now from Pak Mong too LPB 1 hour in 95 a day trip. They start to build a better road. You see a lot of rocks we must put them away for our jeep. Slave work.....In the afternoon we arrived by a ferry over the Nam Ou. But the ferry had a very very crazy problem you will see what happen. So we used small boats for us and the motorbikes. Later in the evening the jeep arived also. We found a good hotel and everything was fine.

    Normaly our plan was we riding back on the same way where we came. Oh my Buddha, next day we heard no chance because the road is now so much under construction in the mountain. They blow up the road. So we got the idea we flying to Phonsawan Plain of jaars. The hotel owner aranged it. A plane coming specialy for us from Vientiane. Everybody payed 150 German Mark. Nearly 3000 baht each person. He aranged also a super ship from LPB to Chiang Khong for 15.000 baht for us. Incl. Motorbikes, sleeping room, food and a grandious fiew every day of the dschungel and the river with so many rocks in the whater.

    See the trip by a special old plane. See the tires oh my god see the rat witch jump out of the plane. But we enjoy the day and I was so happy to seen the Plane of Jars. Late afternoon flying back to LPB. But in the evening the captain of the ship told us he cant drive with us next day to Thailand because his grandfather died last day. Oh ha we thought its a trick to get more money. I think he felt what we were thinking. So I must sit behind him on a old motorbike and he drove home to his old house. We went in the house and in the middle of the room lay the dead grandpa around many candels and a sad Lao family.

    Ok 1 day more in LPB and we visit the town. The mountain Pusi wit the cannon on the top.

    But now next day in a foggy morning start of the Mekong tourist offensive on the river. I m proud I was the thousends and more every day. But we are happy to be the first. Thats great. I feel like Columbus.

    See how they loading the jeep and motorbikes. See my friend Sak smoke gras early in the morning. I told you he smog everyday 3 times and more. The other one Boy drinks Whisky. Many times this two guys have a extram discussion about gras and Whisky some times when they high it was funny.

    Enjoy the movie on the river and 3 stops on the way. First stop in Pak Beng slapt on the boat between the benzin cask. Because they used this boat for transport gasolin from Thailand to Laos. It smell for oil, gasoline and other things. We slept in the boat next to the engine. I never forget it. The captain start the engine by nearly 6 o clock in the morning that was our wake up call. Terrible so noisy. In the day time siiting on the roof. Sak created joins and I took care that no one fell overboard. We also had a lot of Lao beer on board but no good food. But we enjoyed this trip so much. Since Luangnam Than I was with the girl witch riding motorbike too together but on the ship you could do nothing real so we fall in love and stayd 2 years together. rolleye0012.gif

    Later back in Thailand and last szene we arrived Chiang Mai.

    Sorry my english is not perfect but I hope everybody understand what was happen on this special trip.smiley_laptop.gif In another thread I showed already some pictures.

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