First road trip on the Mae Hong Son Loop

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    Hi forum members,

    New user here. I have a few inquiries and will be most appreciative for some advice.

    I am exited to say the least. Been to northern Thailand many, many times. Rented big bikes a few times but mainly smaller motorbikes. I've ridden the Mae Sa loop and rode down to Lampang to see the elephant hosp. Other than those rides, just putting round town in CM. But, first time doing the loop. I am trying to determine what the most recommended itinerary would be for a 3 night 4 day trip? What three towns to target for overnight lodging? Best inexpensive lodging? under $35 a night preferably. Whatever you guy could recommend.

    I am bringing some gear with me. Quality helmet, Mesh Armor jacket, dirt bike mesh pants with strap on shin/knee armor, mesh padded gloves. Hip padded shorts, collapsible tank bag and stereo speaker in helmet. What do you guys use? Is this sufficient? Probably should have asked here before getting this stuff. I have plenty of gear but very expensive stuff that I ride here in Nor Cal everyday but didn't want to risk loss or damage on this trip.

    I've been a nearly daily rider here in the states for 20 plus years. I currently ride a gen 1 Yamaha FZ1. I've arranged for a FZ09 from POP rental in Chiang Mai. Mostly because I've been considering buying this bike back home anyway and also it should scoot my 200lb 6'2" frame nicely. But, upon consideration, was wondering if this is the right bike for the conditions? What do you folks think?

    I arrive CM on the 25th of feb and plan ride after march 1st and departing cm on the 6th of march. Thanks in advance for considering my newbie onslaught!

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  3. DavidFL

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    It's a 600 kms loop.

    I like all the towns except Khun Yuam.

    Mae Chaem is good for a night
    Where to stay
    Where to eat

    Mae Sarieng is good for a night
    Where to stay
    Where to eat

    Pai is good for a night or two
    Where to stay
    Where to eat

    Mae Hong Son is good for a night or two
    Where to stay
    Where to eat

    What to see on the loop

    information overload for you. Enjoy & make sure you hit us with a nice trip report after the event.

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