First service check of Honda CB500 series

Discussion in 'Honda Big Bikes Thailand' started by Changnoi1, Nov 7, 2013.

  1. Shit weather withstanding (raining here in the Isaan) I will pickup my new Honda CB500F tomorrow.

    Now I do understand that the bike needs a valve check at the first service check at 1000 km.
    I did also understand that this is a bit expensive (for a first service check) and that Honda Thailand had a way of compensating for this.

    Anyone has more info about that?
  2. Honda big wing Chiang Mai did it for me for 1000baht or so including oil on the first service. There were a couple of comments that they were not doing it so I double checked. I would just ask them but they have been great so far.
  3. They did for my CB500X also, I stayed there and they indeed checked the valves, despite what has been said before on the forum I'm happy with CM Big Wing service so far, will hit 6000k soon so let's see if they can keep up.
  4. I went for the 6k check, it took way longer that time but I was still happy with the service, I had to change the rear tire, that was not planned and quite expensive (7k).
  5. I agree - I think they are ok there at Big Wing - just not as good as the care and attention to the bike I can get elsewhere. So I'm happy to have them do my bike while it is under warranty.
    And 7k for the tyre - did you replace with original ie Pirelli Scorpion Trail? That sounds about right from what I was quoted at Cockpit Hong Dong. And did they do electronic balance?

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