First time in CNX with 76 y.o. father


Aug 31, 2009
Hi All:

GT RIDER is a fantastic website - I can't get enough of exciting reports and good tips! In October, my Dad, 76 will come for a first visit to SE Asia. He rode a BMW and we plan a road trip starting in CNX. He has cancer and this might be the last time we can do this... All these years, we hardly ever toured together :(

We would stay on tarmac and take it easy. He lost half his lung. Not sure about protective gear - I brought his old heavy black leathers (Harro) but he would be sweating too much in those.

Q: What are you wearing? Can we buy a map for a no name car GPS or rent one for bikes? Which bike would you recommend for a 1,82 m grandfather weighing over 90 kg? A D-TRACKER, I thought or one of the 250 cc Hondas because of the ergonomics? And are there any minerals in museums or mines in Northern Thailand or Laos?

Dad has other medical issues - hope to source special Heparin (1 x daily instead of the usual 3 daily injections) in CNX.

Live for the moment and fill your memory banks!


Any tips to make an old biker happy - it will be his last ride.



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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
Welcome on board.
It sure sounds like a wonderful time coming up here with your dad riding.
I'd love to meet him & at least do the Samoeng Loop with you guys.
You want to make sure you check in with Bungy The Ambasador at the X-Centre out near Mae Rim. Also John "Johnadda" Nash at Johnada guesthouse is another good guy to look up. John recently had his Dad up here for a blast around parts of the GT.
There's also Keith from the Isle of Man who lives & rides here. Keith 's touching 65+ I think, but still knows how to ride & keeps many of the young road bikes honest with their riding.
Other GT Riders will be around to help out when the time comes.

The best bike to ride is the one you feel most comfortable on & the one you enjoy riding the most. This could be anything.
Take a look at the bike info + pix at ... -t547.html
and see what Dad thinks he might like.
But I reckon that D-Tracker from Mr Mechanic might be the go, or one of the road bikes at Tonys Big Bikes.

For accommodation, value for money places to consider are
1. MD House

2. Boonthavon Court

3. Baan Wiang

All 3 of the above are a stones throw of Mr Mechanic & The Kafe.

Take your time with Dad, don't rush. Just potter around, smell the roses, take lots of photos & savour the good times with him.

1. The Samoeng Loop.
2. Cnx - Doi Inthanon & return?
3. Cnx - Doi Ang Khang & Fang / Tha Ton.
3. Tha Ton - Doi Mae Salong - Thoed Thai / Mae Sai.
4. Mae Sai - GT - Chiang Khong.
5. Chiang Khong - Chiang Mai.
No rush. Enjoy the good life. Get a massage every evening after the day's ride. Then have a beer, eat, chat & retire for the night.
Repeat day after day on the road.
Should work.

Use a GT Rider map + wear a GT Rider polo shirt on tour & you will be acknowledged & warmly welcomed in many places in the North.


Welcome to the board and an advanced welcome to your Dad to Thailand. David referred to Tony's Big Bikes in his post and I am a partner in that business. Come and see us for a chat and whether you rent a bike from us or not, I'm 85kg and have a mesh jacket your Dad could borrow for the duration as i will be in a truck on a roadtrip with a mate from 19/10 and in the shop before that so he's welcome to borrow it.

Have a great time. I lost my 72 year old Mum to cancer 2 years ago and remember the special times.....



Noel Akers

Aug 27, 2007
Hi Chris,
Fantastic that you have taken the opportunity to go touring with your Dad..these are certainly golden times as you get to see things from a fresh perspective and store them away for later.

You should be able to source Clexane ( Heparin ) from one of the big hospitals in Chang mai as there is quite a large ex pat community....(it appears that Thai's generally aren't as prone to clotting problems)

My wife is on daily Warfarin tabs and these are easily available ( Phuket)

Have a great time .

David Learmonth

Apr 23, 2006
If you need any help in MaeSai, MaeChan,ChiangSaen areas let me know. Am away early October (back on the 4th) & busy from Oct 27th till early November. But in between - no problem.

Wish my Dad would have come on a motorcycle trip with me! Hope you both enjoy it.


Aug 31, 2009

I'm speechless and overwhelmed by your kindness! I'll gladly get the jacket dry cleaned and bring some 6-packs for it. Since you rent bikes, that's sorted then, too!

Warfarin won't work. Dad is on Marcumar. He has cancer and an upcoming nose operation. A big growth causing severe pain and affecting his eyes. The Docs won't do it in the warm season and getting of the usual blood thinner is a step taking weeks.

Dad is excited and I will order the t-shirts & a map and pass on the good news!

Thanks, guys!



Aug 31, 2009
We would be happy to bring some parts or riding gear from Germany. Emirates increased the baggage allowance to 32 kg.

We would come around the 12th to CNX.

Q: are there any tin mines in Northern Thailand? Or gem mines or mineralogy museums?

Ride on!