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  1. Hi Guys, this probably won't mean much to all you guys who've been riding about here for ages, but, I've just picked up a wee 200cc honda from Tony's and ridden up Doi Sethup,loved every second of it,I'm about for 10 days or so and intend putting GT-rider maps to good use, have read all the threads i can about bike trips in Northern Thailand, am totally smitten with the area so far, hope to let you know how my wee trip from not so sunny Scotland goes, oh, and I've tried the Thai beef soup in Kafe,much to the amusment of the young lady serving, the smoked duck curry was fantastic though,will do as many of the recomended loops as i can,ride safe, John
  2. Welcome to Thailand. I still remember my first ride up Doi Suthep on my Tiger Joker 125 when I first settled in Chiang Mai. Today, I still enjoy riding up the mountain when I feel like just getting away for a couple hours.

    It's good to see someone who has apparently done their homework, and I am sure you will have many exciting days here during your stay. Enjoy. :wave:
  3. Have a safe and memorable ride! 10 days is about perfect and you should be able to hit most of the main sights. Looking forward to your report/pix!

    Falkirk eh? The land of the giant wheel. Ironic that you are now riding LOS and I am planning a September ride with a mate who owns a store in Whiting Bay, Arran. Last time I visited there in 2007, I was highly displeased with him that he had not yet acquired any 2 wheeled transport. Riding around in a TurboDiesel Vauxhall Vectra Wagon is not particularly exciting is it?

    This time the plan is to RIDE up to Applecross, then ferry over to the Hebrides, then Orkneys, and down the coast to Dundee to visit his Dad. A few days in Edinburgh (love that city), then back across to Arran. Beautiful country you have there made all the better by copious amounts of haggis and Islay malt!
  4. Hi fellas, thanks for the posts, I've just had fantastic day riding the Mae Sa Valley/Samoeng loop, the 107 out of town was a wee bit busy but the1096 is a fantastic road, I did stop at the Mae Sa Elephant camp and loved it , had a total hoot riding the rest of the Valley stopped loads and took pictures,villages,hills, corners am still buzzin' , the 1269 was fun but the wee bike did struggle a bit,will have to get a larger bike when I bring my good lady over, think i took about 5 hours, like i say stopped all the time to enjoy the scenery and quiet,oh,and pass the same lorry 4 times! am not a traveller am a tourist today and lovin' it. Tomorrow it's The Do Inthanon/Mae Chaem Loop.
  5. thanks feejer, you know of our wheel then?, it is pretty cool,I hope you make it to Arran it realy is Scotland in miniature,sometimes you just need a car ,we get some interesting weather.I hope you get to ride over the Bealach na ba(pass of the cattle) if it's not raining or cloudy the views to Skye at the top are fantastic,also the fish and chips in the hotel are damn fine especially if you wash it down with a Laphroaig.
    Let me know if you make it to Scotland , I work crazy shifts and can sometimes get away for the odd day or three,share a malt!
  6. Doi Sethup on a 125 must have been fun, I can see this route being a favourate of many local bikers, and just a wee bit cooler up there.
  7. Albadross
    It was good meeting up with you in the Euro Diner the other night.

    I'm glad you found the info on GT Rider helpful, & that you had a good time riding in North Thailand.
    We look forward to seeing you back next year, & with the wife rider as well.

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